Crypto Accumulation Progress Report: July 2022

In a recent post on I talked about how the #justonething blogging challenge on the Hive blockchain helped me increase my productivity compared to the same time last year.

So now let’s see how that played out in terms of crypto earnings during the month of July 2022…


During the first half of the year I was accumulating Hive at an average rate of around 30 per month, or about one Hive per day. In July 2022 I added an extra 43 Hive to the total, or about 1.38 Hive per day, which is mainly due to my extra content creation efforts during that month.

I didn’t mention it in the video, but towards the end of last month I broke the 1000 Hive barrier as well, so I’m two-thirds of the way towards my 2022 target of 1,500 Hive. 🙂

You can check the US dollar value of Hive on Binance and several other exchanges:

2nd Tier Tokens

I accumulated a ton of Listnerds in July. Once I had over 20,000, I started to unstake at a rate of 50 Listnerds per day, and am still accumulating as I am able to stake several hundred fresh Listnerds ever day as well. (Note, when you claim Listnerds inside they are automatically staked, so I am unstaking previously staked Listnerds and claiming/staking fresh earnings.)

My progress with CTP has picked up again as I have stopped swapping out liquid CTP for SPS and other 2nd tier tokens. I stopped for two reasons: (1) because I hit my SPS target of 300 tokens, and (2) I need to pick up the pace if I am to hit my CTP target of 50,000 in 2022.

As for SPS, I finished July with 333 staked inside and earning me over 30% interest (the rate fluctuates), so my SPS stake will continue to grow.

The only 2nd tier asset that I did not make any progress with last month was Index. I doubt that I will make much progress with it this month, either, but once my unstaked Listnerds start to flow (from 10th September) I may be able to make more progress with Index, depending on the price of each token…

Check the value of second tier tokens on

Freebitcoin Satoshi and FUN tokens

Over on the site, after hitting my 2022 target of 3 million sats in June, I have been swapping out excess satoshi for FUN tokens that I stake on the site to earn 25% interest (as well as Premium membership benefits).

That, and using my Reward points to claim FUN token bonuses on the ROLL button boosted my FUN holdings nicely in July.

Things are going to get even more exciting in August as the first batch of my staked 50k FUN tokens matures on 16th, yielding me an extra 12,500 or so in interest and I fully intend to stake the whole lot for some nice compounding action over the coming year.

So, taken together, no matter how volatile the markets are, I seem to be making good progress towards my accumulating targets.

Here’s the state of play at the beginning of August 2022:

Crypto Asset1st January1st July1st August2022 TARGETS
FreeBitcoin Satoshi1,520,2913,010,8403,004,8603,000,000

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All the best,

David Hurley