Crypto Accumulation Report, 1st Feb-1st March 2023

February saw some steady progress across most of the Hive-based second-tier crypto tokens I’m targeting. A couple of new developments towards the end of the month helped to boost my earnings of ALIVE and CTP tokens.

Conversion Catalyst Working With The Larry Is Alive Project

I launched my Conversion Catalyst mastermind group this month and was pleased to see some members of the Hive blockchain community come on board. Among them was @flaxz who runs the ALIVE tribe and token. I reached out to him and as a result I got more involved in supporting the LarryIsAlive community project, which in turn gave a boost to my ALIVE token earnings this month.

The LarryIsAlive project is a way to encourage people to generate traffic to their landing pages by visiting up to five traffic sites, then blogging about what you did in the LarryIsAlive community. That is an easy way to find something to blog about on the Hive blockchain each day, which in turn helps to boost your Hive and 2nd tier token earnings.

CTPX – A Blockchain-Based Traffic-Exchange

The launch of CTPX – a Hive blockchain-based traffic-exchange – boosted my CTP earnings in the last week of February thanks to their hourly and daily CTP token prize draws for members who surf at least 10 sites per hour on the CTPX platform. Over the last few days I’ve won 734 CTP tokens simply by surfing CTPX. 🙂 Check my video reveiew of CTPX on YouTube.

And here is the state of play as of 1st March 2023:

Crypto Asset1st January 20231st February1st March31st December 2023 (TARGETS)
Staked SPS5496167052,000
FreeBitcoin Satoshi3,250,2603,959,7424,584,648(3,500,000) 5,000,000

Bitcoin and FUN

I made good progress towards my new satoshi target and expect to hit it in either March or April. Once I’ve done that I will start to divert satoshi earnings into my other projects or offline.

Another block of FUN tokens is due to mature in March and I intend to reinvest the principal and interest.

Onwards and upwards!


David Hurley


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