Crypto Accumulation Report, 1st May-1st June 2023

May proved to be a positive month in achieving momentum towards almost all of my crypto accumulation goals for 2023. Also, unlike in many previous months, I managed to make progress on every single crypto token that I have targeted, even if the lowest level of progress (on the “Awesome” token) only amounted to a mere tenth of a token!

So here is the state of play as of the morning of 1st June 2023:

Crypto Asset1st January 20231st May1st June31st December 2023 (Targets)
HIVE Power1,1932,0042,0772,000
Staked SPS5499281,1462,000
FreeBitcoin Satoshi3,350,2605,007,1815,072,7355,000,000

And here is my video report:

Video Transcript

Hello folks, it’s June 2023 which means that it is time for my latest crypto accumulation report. To have a look at how much progress I made towards my 2023 crypto goals in May of the said year. And the good news, folks, is that I made quite good progress towards all of my goals, and in fact, I hit some new targets.

So, I have completed five of my crypto accumulation targets already for the year of 2023, which means that I can now aim to surpass those goals. And that will be especially the case once I’ve hit all the other goals that are as yet outstanding.

How am I able to do this? Partly through content creation, partly through earning from all the tokens I’ve staked. And some of those tokens, such as index tokens, also pay out on a basket of other tokens that that token invests in, if you see what I mean.

And also, a big factor in my increased progress towards my Hive blockchain second-tier goals is that now that I’ve hit my five million Satoshi target on the website, I’m sending surplus Satoshi across to the Hive blockchain. And that is speeding up my process because it enables me to convert those Satoshi into Hive and then use that Hive to either stake extra Hive or to buy second-tier tokens on the Hive blockchain.

HIVE and Hive Backed Dollar (HBD)

So, as we can see, back in April, actually by the first of May, I’d hit my Hive Power target. But I’ve continued to grow. In fact, my growth rate on Hive is increasing. So I now have 2077 Hive tokens. Very nice. Thank you.

I’m letting my Hive-Backed Dollar (HBD) just slowly accumulate at the moment. So I added nine dollars there that came from the 20% interest rate. That’s a 20% per annum interest rate you can earn on your high-backed dollars. Plus [I also earned from] content curation and content creation activities.

INDEX Tokens

And some of my [] Satoshi investment went into buying INDEX tokens. And this is one of the targets that I hit in May of this year. So I’m very pleased about that. And in fact, as you can see here, thanks to my increased buying power, which is in turn thanks to what I’m earning over on free Bitcoin, I will have been able to surpass already my index token target. In fact, I’m aiming to get 2,000 index or perhaps even more by the end of the year.

CTP and ALIVE Tokens

Now CTP tokens just grow organically from my stake and also my content creation activities. Uh, some good news over on the CTP SB front. That’s a CTP swarm booster token. A good token to own, but I had not grown my stake all year. So finally, I was able to make a nice purchase of 40 CTPSB tokens. And I hope to hit and possibly even surpass my target this month. That’s my aim for CTPSB.

Alive tokens, I’m allowing to grow organically through my content creation and staking activities. The same with awesome. My quantity of awesome is hardly awesome at all somehow. I’m aiming to get from 0.5 to 200.

Well, as I hit my other targets, I should be able to turn the cannons around and play them upon awesome and see if we can do something a bit more awesome with awesome.

BBH Target Hit!

BBH, I hit my target. That was pretty easy to do thanks to the input from Satoshi. So I bought enough to hit my 2023 target, which also means that I can now tip people who create nice content on the Hive blockchain. I can tip them with BBH as well as tipping with the alive tokens and tipping with CTP, so it’s just added a bit more tipping power to my content commenting activities.

with Len I’m making progress thanks to the liquidity pools where I have Len paired with Len Miners and I’m earning extra Len from that liquidity pool.

LEO 2023 Target Hit!

With LEO I hit my target of 500 so I now expect to surpass that Target by quite a bit be quite nice have a thousand Leo by the end of the year or even more because Leo is a fine token to be investing in.

Proof Of Brain (POB) I’m allowing to grow organically and I think I’m well on my way to my target perhaps the growth rate’s a bit slow but again that will pick up as I cross off other targets from my list.

Staked SPS: I am staking uh SPS tokens inside the splinterlands game and I am heading nicely now towards my target of 2000 State SPS.

FUN Tokens On The FreeBitcoin Website

And when it comes to FUN, which are also on the website, my fund position grew by over 1,500 thanks to one position maturing and also to using rewards to earn 4 or 5 fund tokens per hour.

So all in all a very positive month May was and let’s hope that June is even more positive.

That’s it from me for now, David Hurley of until the next exciting crypto accumulation report. Oh, and don’t forget to like subscribe hit the bell and do all those kind of wonderful things if you’d like to keep up to date with how you also can make progress with crypto.

David Hurley


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