Crypto Accumulation Report: 2nd September-1st October 2023

I hit two more of my 2023 crypto targets in September: HBD and LEN.

The big one was Hive Backed Dollars (HBD). I nearly doubled my holdings to end the month with 1,203 HBD, breaking through my 2023 goal of 1,000 tokens. I was able to do that thanks to a combination of ProsperityMarketingSystem and Livegood commissions, both of which were deposited into my Freebitcoin account at the beginning of the month. I transferred a large chunk of that Bitcoin to the Hive blockchain using to convert the BTC into HIVE. Then I used HiveHub to swab most of the HIVE to HBD. I wrote about why I’m accumulating HBD in a recent blog post about my HBD “Freedom Ladder” project.

The other target that I hit in September was my 1,000 LEN token target. LEN is one of two tokens that fund the project.

The Crypto Accumulation Chart

Okay, so here’s how things stand at the beginning of October 2023 as we enter the last quarter of the year…

Crypto Asset1st January 20231st September1 October31st December 2023 (Targets)
HIVE Power1,1933,2593,3062,000
Staked SPS5495,6875,8402,000
FreeBitcoin Satoshi3,350,2604,549,1133,712,148(5,000,000)

So far, I have hit nine out of fourteen targets. Of the five remaining targets, I’m confident that I can hit my ALIVE and POB targets quite easily.

Freebitcoin and FUN

In the case of my BTC target for Freebitcoin, I hit the 5 million satoshi target a few months ago. Since then, I have reduced my BTC holdings, preferring to diversify where I keep my BTC. I don’t intend to stretch myself to get back to 5 million sats by the end of the year. I consider that goal as having been “achieved” and have moved on.

I definitely want to hit my Freebitcoin-related FUN target of 250k staked FUN tokens, however. That is because FUN tokens earn 25% if you lock them away for 360 days.

Having 250k FUN tokens staked will also give me extra spins of the Wheel of Fortune every day, and boost my Freebitcoin BTC interest rate.

What’s Up With CTP?

I’m still hoping to hit my 60,000 CTP target before the end of the year.

However, I probably won’t set a target for further CTP accumulation in 2024. At present, one third of my CTP holdings are locked up inside and we are unable to transfer those tokens to Hive-Engine due to technical issues and the prolonged – permanent? – absence of the programmer.

I have been counting both my stake and my Hive-Engine stake together to give my current CTP holdings. I shall continue to do that to see if I can hit a total of 60k by the end of the year, but the issue with needs to be resolved to maintain confidence in the token.


Well, I made a bit of progress with AWESOME last month! However, to hit the 200 AWESOME target by the end of the year is a big ask. I totally miscalculated the value of the token when I set that target at the beginning of the year. The ask price for 1 AWESOME right now is nearly 20 HIVE, and the bid price is 15 HIVE, so I’d need to invest 3-4,000 HIVE just to say I hit my target…

My reason for wanting to support the token is that it is part of the Alive tribe and is used to support “awesome” content on the Hive blockchain. Here, for example, is the most recent example @thisisawesome post that highlights content and explains the project:

Okay, with all that said, here’s to a productive and profitable Q4 2023!

Onwards and upwards!

David Hurley