Does Your Bank Offer You 25% Interest On Your Savings? No? Try This Instead…

Two weeks ago were offering a limited-time deal where you could earn a whopping 45% APY on your FUN tokens for a 15 day period.

That offer has finished now, and my 50,000 FUN tokens will “mature” tomorrow, netting me a cool 924 extra FUN tokens in just 15 days. 🙂

Guess what I’m going to do with all 50,924 FUN tokens next…

Yup, I’m going to lock them in for a full year to earn 25% APY! – A bit more than the banks are paying right now!

(Note, you can lock your FUN tokens for shorter periods and still earn very nice rates of interest. For example, lock them for a month and you will earn at a rate of 10% APY.)

That’s not all you’ll earn though!

Locked FUN tokens still count towards your PREMIUM membership of FreeBitcoin – earning you extra spins of the “Wheel of Fortune” every single day.

Spin the wheel and you can win a lot of extra satoshi or reward points (among other prizes) every single day. That way, you keep building your Bitcoin stash while benefitting from holding FUN tokens.

FUN Tokens Hold Their Value

Currently, one FUN token is worth just under 3 cents. The chart, below, shows how well FUN has been holding its value over the last 30 days:


Find Out More About Fun Tokens

To find out more about FUN Tokens check out

However, I recommend that you buy FUN tokens directly on the website where you can earn those high rates of interest and get those free wheel spins every day.

If you don’t have a account yet, sign up here so you can start earning free Bitcoin satoshi and earning high interest rates on FUN tokens.

Best wishes,

David Hurley


2 Comments on Does Your Bank Offer You 25% Interest On Your Savings? No? Try This Instead…

  1. I will accumulate just sufficient fund shortly to buy 2500 fun tokens. Does it right to go for it ? If I lock for one year ,can they be unlocked during one year time ? Definitely 25 % APY is very attractive. I think price of fun tokens will also rise . Please advise.

    • Nice progress, Ramesh. I cannot give you advice on your financial situation: I do not know if buying 2,500 FUN tokens is right for YOU! For me it was a no-brainer to swap satoshi for 50,000 FUN tokens and lock them in at 25% APY.

      If you LOCK your FUN tokens for 1 year to qualify for the 25% rate, you will NOT be able to unlock them for 360 days. If you want higher interest rates you have to agree to lock in your funds for a longer period of time. If that worries you, try one of the shorter terms such as one month – the interest rate is lower, but still much better than you’d get at a bank!

      Good luck.


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