How To Build Your Own Free Bitcoin Generator

Over the last few months I have been developing my own free Bitcoin generator. It’s a way of accumulating and multiplying Bitcoin without spending any out-of-pocket cash.

It begins slowly. Just me collecting a few free satoshi every day on 3 or 4 Bitcoin faucets.

Doesn’t sound very exciting, does it?

Read on and you will see how you can turn those few satoshi into Bitcoin wealth with zero out-of-pocket expense…

But first…

Why do Faucets pay us satoshi every day?

Because they make their money selling ads. They need traffic and eyeballs on their websites. So they give us an incentive to visit every day by paying us small amounts of satoshi.

It’s a win-win for the faucets and for us! ?

Next, I started promoting several of the best faucets on free advertising sites. Gradually I began to refer people into the faucets.

When those referrals earn satoshi, I earn 50% of their earnings in referral commissions.

I was also earning some nice “loyalty bonuses” for visiting the sites every single day.

So things were beginning to pick up speed…

Cranking Up My Free Bitcoin Generator

Eventually, I had earned enough to withdraw my satoshi to my Bitcoin wallet. That went smoothly and so I knew the sites were genuine.

From March 2020, as soon as I accumulate around $10 worth of Bitcoin I go to Passive.Expert and buy two $5 Ad Packs. Each ad pack pays out Bitcoin every day based on the companies trading profits until it has paid out $6.25 (125% return).

Explode Your Income By Referring Affiliates

Things really begin to take off when I teach my Bitcoin faucet referrals about my free Bitcoin generator system. I get a steady flow of referrals into Passive.Elite and Mind.Capital and earn 8% on their profits as well.

Rinse And Repeat – Every Single Day

This cycle constantly repeats itself, beginning with a 10 minute routine every morning of collecting free satoshi from several Bitcoin faucets, promoting the faucets to pull in new referrals, then sending $10 worth of Bitcoin to Passive.Expert. Each time my earnings in Passive.Expert accumulate to $40, I withdraw it and send it to Mind.Capital.

Diversify, Hedge, and Multiply Profits

I also work with a couple of other programs at each stage of the process to build a portfolio of Bitcoin generating profit centres and to hedge against downside risk.

For example, when my profits in Mind.Capital hit the minimum withdrawal threshold I withdraw them and either (1) send them to Free.Bitcoin where they earn 4.08% per annum, or (2) use them to buy Hive or (3) send them to cold storage.

Here is an infographic I created that illustrates the free Bitcoin generator process. (Click the infographic to opt in to my Free Bitcoin Generator training course.):

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David Hurley


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