Here’s Proof that ProfitFromFreeAds Pay Out Commissions In Bitcoin

A few months ago I purchased five ad packs inside the advertising platform which is one of several advertising sites owned by Jane Mark and Phil Basten.

I made ProfitFromFreeAds my “Primary Business” offer inside ProsperityMarketingSystem which is just about the only place where I promote the site.

A few days ago I checked my PFFA account and saw that I had earned $76 in commissions. Jane Mark had told me when I was checking out the program that one payment option was Bitcoin. That was what prompted me to join the program. So now I decided to test whether or not I’d really get paid in BTC…

If you want to receive your PFFA commission in Bitcoin you have to send in a support ticket. That’s what I did, and the next day Jane sent me an email requesting my BTC wallet address.

I sent her the deposit address for my account.

So did I get paid?

Check this video to find out!

Commission Received – In Bitcoin!

I guess you can tell from the title of the video that I did indeed receive my commission as a Bitcoin payment and that it was successfully deposited directly into my Freebitcoin account as I requested.

As soon as the commission landed in my FreeBitcoin account it began to earn interest. However, I used it to buy FUN tokens on the Freebitcoin site, which I locked away for one year to boost the interest rate to 25%.

I was impressed with how promptly my request for a commission payment was dealt with, and how well Jane Mark and Phil Baston kept me informed every step of the way.

So, in short, I am pleased to be able to recommend ProfitFromFreeAds not only as a platform on which to promote your offers, but also as a site that you can trust to pay out your commissions when you request them.

David Hurley


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  1. Wow David. Thank you so much. What a nice thing to do to take
    the time to tell others about PFFA and the fact that yes, we really do pay commissions in bitcoin when people ask us to. You made my day.

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