How Easy Is It To Start Trading Crypto On Bybit?

Opening an online crypto trading account with is a quick and easy process. All it takes is a few clicks of your mouse to get started. You’ll first need to create an account with your email, then verify your account with a valid ID without needing to go through the whole KYC rigmarole. It took me less than five minutes to get my account approved.

Next, attend to your account security with Google Authenticator and set up a special anti-phishing code as an extra security precaution. I was improessed with how smoothly everything went.

Once your account is created and verified, you’ll be able to access the trading platform and begin trading in the crypto market. You don’t need to deposit much to start trading. I put in just 0.005 BTC (about $130) from Freebitcoin and completed two actions today:

(1) a $40 spot BTC/USDT long position,
(2) set up my first BTC/USDT spot-grid trading bot with the remaining $90.

Check out my video report for more info:

Back In The Crypto Trading Game After 2 Years

The last time I posted a Bitcoin exchange-trading video was in September 2021. I had just worked out how to set up leveraged future trades on without risking your own “out of pocket” funds (by harvesting BTC from their on-site miner).

Just as the prospect of Bitcoin riches with zero downside risk seemed to shimmer on the horizon, Stormgain notified me that they no longer accepted clients living in my country of residence.

So that was that. The #RookieTrader had been dreaming of drinking the waters of comfort. He awoke to a mouthful of dry sand.

And If Stormgain Is Available In Your Country…

I just watched my old Stormgain video and thought it might be useful for anybody in jurisdictions where Stormgain operates:

Here’s the link to Stormgain:

And now, two years later… the #RookieTrader is back, thanks to Bybit…


David Hurley



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