How To Create An Ebook For Free And Use It To Promote Your Business

In this module we look at how to create an ebook for free and use it to get more online sales.

Creating your own unique ebook is one of the best things you can do to improve your online business. You can create your ebook with free tools.

But what kind of ebook should you create for best results?

The best kind of ebook is one that offers a clear solution to a clearly defined problem.

The immediate “solution” is to buy your product or service. 🙂

Your ebook should offer your product or service as the best solution to a specific problem that your target audience faces.

So how exactly do to you that?

Well, I used free tools to create an ebook about how to create an ebook using free tools! In the ebook I also lay out how to use TWO ebooks in a marketing funnel to attract subscribers, encourage low-ticket sales, and generate interest in your higher ticket offers.

Action Items

Have you created an ebook? Post the link to your opt-in page or sales page in the comments, below, and tell us what it is all about!