I Grab Hold of the First Rung on the HBD Freedom Ladder!

About a month ago I published a blog post about my newly constructed “HBD Freedom Ladder,” a 9-rung Hive-Backed Dollar growth plan. Hive-Backed Dollar is the Hive.io stable coin which you can lock into a savinings account and earn 20% per annum, paid weekly.

I blogged about my HBD Ladder To Freedom idea here, if you haven’t seen it already:


First Rung Achieved!

Well, I’m pleased to report that this week I managed to grab hold of the first rung on the HBD freedom ladder when my HBD savings grew to $321 in value.

What was it that helped me grab hold of the first rung of the ladder? The latest affiliate commission from The Prosperity Marketing System – an affiliate program I’ve worked with for over a decade now. In recent years the program has offered the option of Bitcoin commission payments and automatically sends my commission to my Freebitco.in account every month. From there, it is an easy step to send BTC across to HIVE, as I explained in this post:


Can I Grab the 2nd Rung in August?

So now my target is to grab hold of the second of the nine rungs on the HBD Freedom Ladder – $600 – by the end of August 2023. I’m hopeful that I can do it with a combination of interest payments, 50% curation from blogging payouts, and affiliate commissions.

Here are the targets for each of the 9 rungs of the HBD Freedom Ladder:

  • Rung 1 = $300 ACHIEVED, July 2023
  • Rung 2 = $600 Target = August 2023
  • Rung 3 = $3,000
  • Rung 4 = $6,000
  • Rung 5 = $7,500
  • Rung 6 = $15,000
  • Rung 7 = $30,000
  • Rung 8 = $60,000
  • Rung 9 = $120,000 (@20% p/a, the passive income yield = $2,000 per month)

What about you? Have you started to climb the HBD Freedom Ladder, or do you have other priorities? Let us know in the comments.


David Hurley

P. S. This is a modified version of the original blog post, which I published on the Hive blockchain:


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