Kicking Off My Listnerds Video Training Series: #1 Introducing Listnerds!

I’ve been meaning to do this for a while and this weekend I’m enjoying my first three-day holiday in a few months, so what better time than NOW to pump out a couple of training videos?

If you think this or any upcoming videos of mine are useful for your network, feel free to share them. They are rough around the edges and unscripted but I hope I can convey the benefits of Listnerds for bloggers, affiliate marketers, list builders, business promoters and crypto nerds all over the world.

This video offers a brief introduction to Listnerds and the Hive blockchain but it mainly focuses on how Listnerds works as a safelist.

Video 1: Introducing The Listnerds Blockchain-Based Mailer

If you have not yet started using Listnerds to promote your Hive blog posts, now’s a good time to start!

Here’s the link to The Hive Guide, which I mention in the video:

And here is the Listnerds White Paper:

Look out for the next Listnerds training video from me!


David Hurley