Mind.Capital Progress Check: My First Bitcoin Withdrawal

Here is a video of my first Bitcoin withdrawal from Mind Capital. The transaction was verified on Blockchain.com and the Bitcoin had arrived in my Coinbase wallet less than an hour later.

I Put $200 Seed Money Into Mind Capital

I put $100 into Mind Capital on 4th January 2020, and another $100 on 7th January 2020.

On 21st Janaury one of my referrals put in $100 and I since then I have been earning 8% commissions on his daily earnings.

By 20th February 2020 I had received $51.84 in combined earnings and commissions. The withdrawal threshold is $50 so I did a test withdrawal to my Coinbase account.

Video #1: How To Withdraw Bitcoin From Mind Capital

This video shows the withdrawal process. In the video I show the proof of the transaction which is recorded on Blockchain.com transaction page but I neglected to point out that it was independent verication of the transaction.

Video #2: Transaction Completed; Bitcoin Received!

This video shows proof of receipt. It took less than an hour for the Bitcoin to arrive in my Coinbase account.


The withdrawal process was very smooth and efficient and transparent. This is a very positive sign. However, I will continue to apply the Ratchet Method which I teach here to keep on reducing my exposure before seeking to make a profit.

Set up a free Mind Capital account at:


Get started with a free Coinbase account @ https://coinbase.com

David Hurley



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