My “Crushing It With Crypto” Review

I’ve just been reading an email from one of my subscribers about a product called Crushing It With Crypto which I’ve been recommending to my list over the last few days. He is asking about the upsells inside the program and the “realistic earning potential” of the training.

So I decided to address his questions by making a Crushing It With Crypto review video:

I Bought Crushing It With Crypto

Before answering those questions about Crushing It With Crypto, I want to show that I actually bought the product. I don’t just throw products at my subscribers that I haven’t bought or haven’t used and got value from. So here’s a screenshot of my Warrior Plus purchase details (and my 5 Star rating):

Screenshot of my purchase details on

What’s Inside Crushing It With Crypto?

Crushing It With Crypto gives you several important recommendations that you can start earning with immediately without investing anything into those programs and systems.

For example, I’ve built up a lot of earning potential with these free programs like and now have about $1,000 worth of bitcoin on there and over 125,000 staked FUN tokens. So I earn a lot of crypto every day from that completely free program, and I got there with no out-of-pocket spending.

The upside potential is there if you persevere with those programs, but in the beginning – and this is where 90% of people probably fail – you have to be patient and persistent, and you have to learn how the programs work. That’s something which passes most people by, and I have no idea why.

You can earn with these programs by clicking for crypto and doing various jobs. A lot of those jobs I don’t do, but I do click the faucet button whenever it is ready, to earn some satoshi.

You can boost your earnings by referring other people, and then you earn commission their earnings. Sometimes it’s quite generous.

You can also start earning interest on your crypto once you reach a certain level.

I recommend that you funnel your crypto on the different sites into one site that you like to benefit from the interest.

I also earn crypto from some affiliate programs – such as SFI – and I send the crypto across to and that boosts my interest rate.

What Did I Learn From Crushing It With Crypto?

Thanks to Crushing It With Crypto I have learned about one or two sites that I have added to my daily routine, and one of those sites in particular, I think is going to make a big difference to how much I can earn per day.

Are There Any Upsells?

There are some upsells, but you’re not hit with them right at the beginning. You get Crushing It With Crypto; this is enough to get you going.

At the bottom of the training page, when you’ve come down and finished all the steps, or if you scroll straight down from the beginning, you will find the upgrade offer. It gets you into Stage Two, and there are three stages in this system. If you take the next step and then the next step, you will be presented with more lucrative offers that can make you a profit on your crypto more quickly.

There are also some video training upsells that go into the training in more detail.

What Is The “Realistic Earning Potential”?

You can earn a lot from these programs if you take them seriously. Like everything else, in the beginning, you won’t earn a lot, and maybe not even after six months. It takes a while, but once it takes off, then you start to move, especially once the power of compount interest begins to kick in.

It’s like a heavy cargo plane rumbling slowly down a long runway before it begins to lift off. But once it takes off, then the sky is the limit.

So there’s a lot to learn, and you need to have a bit of confidence in yourself, determination, and persistence to keep doing it every single day. And in that way, yes, there is a lot of upside to it, but I cannot give you a specific “realistic figure” because it will vary from person to person based on each person’s circumstances, experience, determination and persistence.

Is There Any Risk?

There is a risk, but the great thing about most of these sites, especially at this lower level, the basic crushing it with crypto level, is that you don’t need to put in any of your money to start earning. You can earn small amounts of crypto every hour or several times a day, depending on the program, without having to put your own money in. And that’s what I did right at the beginning. I didn’t put, and even now I don’t put any of my hard-earned cash into these sites. One thing I do, though, is to send over affiliate marketing profits in the form of Bitcoin, to boost the amount I earn in daily interest payments, and so that speeds up the process for me.

Nevertheless, if you don’t put in any of your own cash, the only risk is that you spend some time on a site that crashes and burns. However, quite a lot of these sites have been around for a few years. For example, has been around for quite a long time now, as some of these other sites have been around for a few years as well.

Even so, there can never be a guarantee. There’s no guarantee with banks. There’s no guarantee with websites. There’s no guarantees in life at all, really, if you think about it.

So what you have to do is manage your risk, look at the upside potential, and ask yourself, is the downside risk worth taking.

Crushing It With Crypto has taught me a lot, and another thing I recommend that you do is actually tell other people about crushing it with crypto as well because that can earn you some nice commissions on Warrior plus. So that’s my recommendation, work with these sites, don’t put in any of your own cash, persist, do it every day, believe in the upside, tell other people about it to bring them in, watch your crypto grow.

Set some parameters for how much crypto you feel comfortable in leaving on those sites, and at what point you will start withdrawing your earnings.

David Hurley


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