My Progress With Two Affiliate Programs: OLSP and Livegood

In this blog post and video report, I want to give you a quick update on two affiliate programs and my progress with them.

One program – OLSP Megalink – is linked to my 100% commission funnel. That’s where I mainly promote it. The other program – LiveGood – I promote through my Get More Sales funnel. So let’s have a quick look at my progress with these two programs.

First, here is my video report:

The OLSP Megalink

I paid $7 (one time only) for the OLSP Megalink. That’s what got me into OLSP, and I haven’t taken any upgrades at all. I’m just working at that basic $7 affiliate level. So it’s the most basic level in this system.

When you sell the Megalink to someone you get 100% commission, so you can quickly get back your $7 with one sale.

With that being said, when I log in I see my “current commissions” are at $299.95, just under $300.

However, that is not the whole story because I have withdrawn some commissions.

So if we go to the commissions page, we see my total earnings is actually $368.95 on a one-time $7 investment:

So I have made my money back many times over simply by plugging this OLSP system into my 100% commission funnel.

100% Commission Funnel

The 100% Commission Funnel is built on Leadsleap and promotes programs that offer, at some level or at every level, 100% commissions. OLSP is one of the key programs in that funnel.


Let’s move on to one of my other programs, which is LiveGood. I promote Livegood through my Get More Sales funnel.

However, I’ve been fairly passive in my promotion of LiveGood this year. I do have a blog that I’m working on, the blog is at but it hasn’t yet built up enough traction. In fact, I need to blog more for the blogging side to start to kick in.

So my profits come through the Get More Sales marketing funnel. Three days ago, I received my May payment from LiveGood, $234.37. Not too bad. It’s not the highest, but it’s also not the lowest payout. Not too bad considering I do virtually nothing to actively promote LiveGood at this stage. I do hope to do more on that front soon.

My Livegood commission is sent through BitPay and it comes crashing into my FreeBitcoin account. Here is the deposit on 6th of June:

Here’s the amount that came in, 331,408 satoshi, about $234 on 6th June 2024.

Once that LiveGood commission lands in my FreeBitcoin account, it starts earning interest, which is paid daily, adding to the Satoshi total. The current interest rate, 4.69%, earning me 510 or 511 satoshis a day on my total Satoshi stash.

Ee bah gum. It makes you think!


David Hurley


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  1. Hidavid I’m in olsp and I joined 6 months ago and no sales im using your leadsleap but no luck im only getting commission of comments i made 10$ I need your help

    • The key to success is to focus on promoting your lead capture page so that you are getting fresh leads onto your list every day. If you are getting fewer than 3 fresh and double-opt-in verified leads a day, focus on promoting your lead capture page. Good luck.

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