AdsNCash4Me “Done For You” Set Up Service

What is AdsNCash4Me? Watch my explainer video:

Go to the AdsNCash4Me Bridge Page to purchase:

If you have purchased AdsNCash4Me, and want me to set it up for you, here’s the deal:

This “done for you” set up service includes:

  • AdsNCash4Me sales page rebranded with your payment processors.
  • Shortened link created for your sales page.
  • Free gold upgrades to the 3 safelists processed for you.
  • (Optional) Bridge Page with alternative payment options (Paypal, Wise, Hive, etc).
  • (Optional) integration into the 100% Commission Funnel.

Order the Set-Up Service via Paypal

No Paypal? You can use any of these alternative payment methods:

  • – Send $17 to
  • Bitcoin – Send $17/BTC to 1229DMjghs75X7d56M9WqsWmXjZSkRqYkf
  • Litecoin – Send $17/LTC to LUfq9w4nusAeuX3wo4fRSv1zqHpVnyZiw6
  • HIVE – Send $17/HIVE or 27 HBD to hirohurl

What Happens After You Have Paid?

  1. Email me at with “I bought the “AdsNCash4Me Done For You Set Up” in the subject line. Let me know which payment method you used, so I can quickly verify the payment.
  2. I will request the details I need to set up your AdsNCash4Me business package.
  3. Sit back and relax while I go to work! (Please allow up to 48 hours for me to complete the set-up.)

Any questions? Drop them in the comments section below, so we can share the knowledge.

David Hurley