Crypto Accumulation Challenge: Index and CTPM Targets Hit!

Here’s my latest progress report about my crypto accumulation targets for Hive and various 2nd tier Hive tokens such as INDEX and CTP, as well as Bitcoin for the remaining few weeks of 2021.

Over the last few days I have achieved a couple more of my targets. One of them is my biggest target of the challenge: accumulating 1,100 INDEX tokens. I’m pretty stoked about that as INDEX delivers a lot of nice dividends such as VOUCHER drops!

VOUCHER Drops Are Back!

Yes, VOUCHER drops have resumed for INDEX holders. VOUCHER tokens are a part of the Splinterlands blockchain-backed trading card game. As I don’t play Splinterlands, I simply sell off my VOUCHER tokens so that I can buy more of the second-tier tokens and hit my accumulation targets…

I hit my CTPM target by swapping VOUCHER for SwapHive and using SwapHive to buy the mining tokens.

Here’s the full report in my latest video update:

And here is the latest table showing how things stand across all my crypto investments…

Crypto Asset3rd November 20212nd December 202112 December 202131st December (TARGETS)
ALIVE650811867(700) 1000
FreeBitcoin Satoshi966,4411,259,6721,263,851(1,100,000) 1,250,000
MAGMarkets Fund$524$641*$594*$650

Will I hit all my targets by the end of the year?

It now seems possible…!

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