First “Progress” Report Amid The Distractions of January 2022…

Just two weeks into 2022 and the excuses have begun already!

Things were going well for the first ten days as I published seven blog posts on various Hive-based front-ends, but then I switched my focus to the “affiliate marketing” side of my online business and so my progress in accumulating Hive-based cryto tokens took a bit of a knock…

Affiliate Marketing

One of my aims for this year is to increase my affiliate commissions through my WordPress blogs, my traffic site and my email marketing campaigns. So I’ve spent quite a bit of time updating and improving those sites, especially where I blog about the concept of promoting a limited number of tried and tested programs.

So that, and the resumption of college classes, kept me busy last week. (I always admire the real workers who can keep on pumping out quality content while holding down full time jobs.)

The Distractions of the Weekend…

The weekend, however, was taken up other distractions such as my birthday celebrations on Saturday evening at which the boat got pushed out a bit further than I’d intended…

Suffice it to say that I spent much of Sunday chilling with YouTube and Netflix, and – best of all – the sports streaming service, DAZN, which provides Japan with live English Premiership football coverage…

Super Leeds!

So there I was lounging on my futon at 11 o’clock last night, watching Leeds United beat West Ham (at West Ham), 2-3, with Jack Harrison scoring a hat-trick for the best birthday present ever!

Here’s a review of the match in The Guardian:

Okay, back to business…

Listnerds Relaunch

I may not have done any blogging on this platform for the past week, but one thing I was getting ready for was the relaunch of ListNerds on the Hive blockchain.

It’s the first time a safelist mailer has been built on top of a blockchain.

As well as the usual mailing features, you can stake CTP and LISTNERD tokens and earn actively and passively from both staked tokens. You earn “actively” by voting on emails you receive and by having your own emails voted on. You earn “passively” by receiving a share of the rewards pool of each token depending on the amount of tokens that have been accrued and the percentage of all the staked tokens that you hold.

To get ready for the launch, I unstaked 20,000 CTP tokens and bought a few LISTNERD tokens. Then, as soon as Listnerds went live I moved my unstaked CTP and LISTNERDS tokens onto the site and staked them. Although it is early days, I can see that Listnerds will be a nice source of CTP and LISTNERD tokens as well as an excellent safelist mailer with high levels of engagement from the members.

My Progress In Accumulating Crypto Tokens So Far This Year…

Okay, so I have made gains on ten out of the eleven tokens that I have targeted this year.

The only token that I have not made any progress with is CTPSB even though I have realized that it is one of the best investments on the Hive blockchain.

Even so, the only token that is growing fast enough to hit the year-end target is LISTNERDS, so there is clearly a lot of work to be done to get to where I want to be by the end of the year.

Here is the progress chart for the first 17 days of the year:

Crypto Asset1st January17th January2022 TARGETS
FreeBitcoin Satoshi1,520,2911,528,8133,000,000

In conclusion, while there has been some progress, I clearly need to get my act together and buckle down over the next few weeks both on the affiliate marketing front and on the crypto accumulation front if I am to hit my targets for 2022.

All the best,

David Hurley

#InspiredFocus (??)

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