How to Convert Rewardical Tokens into Free Bitcoin!

One of my favourite ways to accumulate free Bitcoin is with Rewardical tokens. So in this article I will explain what Rewardicals are and how you can collect them. Then I’ll show how you can get free Bitcoin with them.

What Are Rewardicals?

Rewardicals are digital tokens that are given out by vendors as “rewards” when you purchase goods or services, or perform other actions.

How Can You Collect Rewardicals?

To participate in the Rewardical program and start collecting Rewardicals, go to and enter the promo code 92aee7 to claim your first 25 Rewardicals.

After you have signed up, go to to find online stores that give away Rewardicals.

You can also find stores and restaurants in your local area that give away Rewardicals at

Another good way to earn Rewardicals is to join SFI as an affiliate and take part in competitions, games and team building activities. In that way, you will be building an online business at the same time as you are building up your Rewardicals.

How Can You Get Free Bitcoin With Rewardicals?

Once you have enough Rewardicals to exchange them for $25 worth of Bitcoin, you can do so on the website.

David Hurley


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