How To Earn Free Bitcoin With CryptoWin and SFI

In this video I lift the lid on how I am earning free bitcoin on four websites, namely:

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Video Transcript

Well, would you look at that, I just got myself “9,937” on the old, which earned me 71 satoshi’s in one click of the button, plus four Reward Points. Very nice indeed. And in this video, I’m going to talk a bit about what I do with these free crypto sites and how it is that I’m able to get these nice big totals that earn me quite a lot of Satoshi every single day, even if I don’t click the button, because I’m earning 600 Satoshi a day just in interest alone [ on ].

Staking FUN Tokens On

I also have a lot of fun tokens here. I’ve got 127,000 fun tokens, which earn 25% a year because I staked most of them. As you can see, they’re all locked up for one year to earn 25% interest, and having that many tokens stashed away also means that I get 10 or more daily spins of the Wheel of Fortune, which can earn you several hundred Satoshi sometimes, or several hundred Reward Points, which can be converted into Satoshi as well. So that’s what I’m doing with

I have also referred a bunch of people who earn me commissions as they earn. How many people are in that right now? 214 people are clicking away and helping me to earn satoshi’s every day, so that’s the kind of upside potential you can have if you work with these free sites. It doesn’t happen overnight; you have to be persistent, you have to be determined.


Let’s have a look at another one – FreeLitecoin – which earns a higher rate of interest than free Bitcoin. (The FUN tokens [ on ], if you put them away for a year, will earn you 25%. The regular Satoshi interest rate is just over four percent, but it pays daily, and then the 600 Satoshi I’m getting every day is added to my total, and so it all begins to compound.) Here at Free-Litecoin, I have much less. I’ve just got 0.06 of a Litecoin, so just a few dollars, but I aimed… I got to this level very quickly because once you have 0.05 of Litecoin on Free-Litecoin, you start to earn 10% interest on your total.

CryptoWin Faucet

On we go. Let’s have a look at this one here now. This is a new one for me. I only started working with this CryptoWin this month, which is March 2023, and CryptoWin is a very nice site when it comes to earning Satoshi. I have a balance of 437 Satoshi on this site. It doesn’t sound very much, but I’ll show you a bit more about what I’m doing with the site in a moment.

Let’s just go back to the faucet and see how many Satoshi I can earn from this once every 15 minute click. So I’ve got 437 SATs. Let’s click the get reward button. Play now. Come on, come on button, you can do it. Oh, I got two Satoshi, so the lower end of the scale. You’ll earn between one and six satoshi once every 15 minutes on this site.

Now, that doesn’t sound very exciting, and that’s the thing: it’s like, quite often people think, “Oh, two Satoshi, it’s not worth bothering with,” and if it were only two Satoshi every 20 minutes, and there is no other upside potential, you’d probably be right.

Crypto Win Revenue Share

But there is something big with CryptoWin, and it’s called Revenue Share. The revenue share will earn you 0.7% a day paid daily, and so good old compound interest kicks in.

How does this work? You need to have 1,000 Satoshi for one share. So when you start on this site, get to 1,000 satoshis as quickly as possible and then buy one share.

Click this button if you’ve got enough SATs.

Click this button and you’ll get yourself one share. That one share will now earn you seven Satoshi a day in addition to what you’re earning by your quarter-hour clicks. And then when you get your second, you will earn another seven Satoshi a day. What it does is, it pays you back 0.7% for 180 days.

So, in this example of one share paying out over 180 days, you get back seven Satoshi a day, seven Satoshi a day, until you have got back 1,260 Satoshi. And you don’t then get your thousand Satoshi back. Your thousand Satoshi is returned to you day by day along with the interest earnings. So you put in a thousand Satoshi, you get out 1,260 Satoshi by the end of it. But because you get them every day, pretty soon your clicks and your daily earnings get you into a position where you can buy another share.

And so, in this way, you can get more and more shares. You can build up your earnings, and there is also, of course, an affiliate program which is what we love, don’t we? Because these sites are free, they’re easy to recommend to people, and people love them. You join the site so I’ve got a few people joining. This is only my first week on this site, seven referrals, I’ve earned 158 SATs so far.

So 158 plus the seven a day from each of my shares plus my quarterly our earnings, you can see the upside potential of this site is quite exciting. Now I have got a little bit more than one share in the revenue share. I have 64 active shares earning me 448 Satoshi a day. So that sounds better. That, plus my clicks, plus my affiliates’ clicks – affiliate referral clicks – will earn me enough to start getting one new share every two days.

How Did I get 64 Shares So Quickly?

But how did I get 64 active shares so quickly? Well, what I did was to send some Satoshi across. I withdrew Satoshi [ from ], and I put in here my crypto win deposit address, and I sent across a bunch of Satoshi from here. Part of my risk management is this, I’m keeping my Satoshi balance around 0.05 of a Bitcoins that’s five million Satoshi on free Bitcoin. I think that’s enough plus my fun tokens.

That’s my kind of… that’s the level at which I feel comfortable in working with [ ], and I’m now in a position where I’m moving the profit, everything on top of that, across to other sites. Satoshi does come in, so this is another thing I want to tell you about what I do with this way of building up my Satoshi without putting in any outside money.

SFI Jolt Auctions

I’ve been working with uh well-known affiliate program for many years now. I actually joined in 2007 and that is SFI and SFI recently (I think it was early in January 2023) launched a new auction site called Jolt.

And when your referrals bid on that site, and it’s a very popular auction site because you can win $50 or even $100 dollar cash cards among other things, so there’s a lot of bidding goes on. You can earn Satoshi on those bids [ by your referrals ].

And check this out folks, if you’ve if you’ve been in SFI before and you piddled around with it and didn’t get anywhere and gave up like 99.99% of the world’s population, you will have overlooked or not been around for this new opportunity that just happened to come along.

Jolt auctions was launched in January 2023, and suddenly it has completely exploded my daily Satoshi earning and my monthly rate of earning Satoshi with SFI. And this is in addition to the regular commission profit I’m making with SFI. Suddenly a nice little opportunity comes. I did nothing, it was SFI that set up and launched this Jolt auction, and here we go, you’ve earned…

This is me, it’s March the 24th today, so we’ve still got quite a few… we’ve got another week left of March. So far, I have earned over a quarter of a million Satoshi in SFI doing absolutely nothing. 262 300 Satoshi.

Daily Satoshi earning messages in my SFI inbox.

Funding My Crypto Projects With Satoshi From SFI

Now what I’m going to do, what I started doing back in January, is send my Satoshi across to, where it immediately starts earning that daily interest, and from there I can then funnel it out to whatever I want to put my Satoshi into.

I sometimes send it over to the Hive blockchain to buy Hive, but what I also did was, I sent a chunk of February’s Satoshi earning from SFI actually to the uh to CryptoWin to buy a bunch of those shares.

So that’s what I’m doing with my no out-of-pocket-expense crypto accumulation. I hope you enjoyed that, check out CryptoWin if you haven’t heard of it before, it’s well worth looking at as are,

That’s it for me for now, David Hurley of, until the next exciting video. And don’t forget to like and share and subscribe [ to my YouTube channel] and do all that sort of wonderful stuff so you don’t miss another video from me.

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