My “Secret Email System” Video Review

Matt Bacak is an Internet marketing legend who knows how to create “irresistable offers” that generate thousands of dollars in sales and profits. His Secret Email System is a good example of this. The offer is for a 60 page ebook that reveals how he built a 7-Figure email marketing business and teaches you how to do it. It only costs $5.60, which is great value for the book alone, but it comes with a MASSIVE bonus package.

In the video, I show you which products in the bonus package alone are worth more than $5.60 and will help you upgrade your email marketing game.

Even better, you can earn 100% commissions on the front end product (the ebook and bonus package), and 50% commission (one time and monthly/yearly recurring) on the upsells and downsells.

As such, the Secret Email System is a good fit for the backend of my 100% Commission Funnel – both as a training resource to help you promote the lead capture page and follow up with your subscribers, AND as another 100% commission paying offer to present your subscribers with. They’ll be happy to buy it and profit from it. Watch the video and see if you agree!

Secret Email System Review

What is the Secret Email System?

The Secret Email System is an email marketing product created by Matt Basac, an expert in the email marketing field. This system focuses on helping marketers to create an “irresistible offer” to improve their email marketing efforts.

At just $5.60 for the basic offer, the Secret Email System offers incredible value and is itself a good example of the “irresistable offer” approach to Internet marketing.

What’s Included In The Secret Email System?

When you purchase the product, you receive a 60-page eBook that’s packed with valuable tips and strategies for improving your email marketing. You also get a second eBook called Secrets of Internet Millionaire Mind that focuses on the mindset needed for success in online business. These two eBooks alone are worth the price of the product.

The Value Is In The Bonuses

3Xs Formula

But the real value lies in the bonuses included with the Secret Email System. You gain access to a private Facebook group, a Master Class, and even a free coaching session with Matt Basac himself. However, the standout feature is the “3Xs Formula.” This formula teaches you how to convert your efforts into cash and provides a 3X formula calculator to guide you in improving your email marketing results. In my estimation, this tool alone is worth more than the price of the entire product.

Email Swipes

Another valuable component of the Secret Email System is the 1,000 email swipes and lead generation template. These swipes and templates are incredibly useful for crafting compelling emails and generating leads. This resource alone would typically cost around $27, but its included as part of the product.

Overall, the Secret Email System offers an irresistible offer for anyone interested in building their email list and improving their email marketing. For just $5.60, you gain access to valuable content, bonuses, and resources. Plus, as an affiliate, you can earn 100% commissions on the front end and 50% commissions on the upsells and recurring products.

Here are the key benefits of the Secret Email System:

  1. Learn how to create an “irresistible offer” and improve your email marketing efforts.
  2. Access a 60 page eBook packed with actionable email marketing tips and strategies.
  3. Watch a video that guides you through the Secret Email System.
  4. Bonus eBook: Secrets of Internet Millionaire Mind teaches the mindset needed for success.
  5. Join a private Facebook group to connect with other email marketers.
  6. Receive a free coaching session with Matt Basac to further enhance your skills.
  7. Utilize the 3Xs formula and calculator to optimize your email marketing results.
  8. Get 1,000 email swipes and a lead generation template to craft lead-generating emails.
  9. Earn 100% commissions on the front end and 50% commissions on upsells and recurring products.

I believe the Secret Email System is an excellent investment for anyone looking to improve their email marketing skills and build a successful email list. With its combination of helpful content, high value bonuses, and practical resources, it provides an irresistible offer at a very low price. Also, as an affiliate, you’ll have the opportunity to earn 100% commissions on the front end and 50% commissions on the backend.

How To Add Secret Email System The 100% Commission Funnel

Become an affiliate of the Secret Email System and you will earn 100% commissions on every sale of the $5.60 product, and 50% commission on any upsells and down sells.

That is very generous and fits in nicely with what I am doing with the 100% Commission Funnel, and will also provide my subscribers with some useful email marketing training.

That’s why I’m going to add Secret Email System to the back end of the 100% commission funnel as an “add on offer” that I will promoted through a series of emails to my list.

What I’m going to do is to create a miniseries of emails to promote Secret Email System, and if you buy it through my link I will give you those emails as a bonus so you can just plug the whole thing into the back end of your system, or you can even promote it as a separate offer if you prefer. Either way, you’ll be excited to get those 100% commissions and also earn 50% on the upsells.

But, even if you don’t promote the product, there is a ton of value to be had in the email marketing training and bonus materials, so it will be well worth the $5.60 produc cost.

All the best,

David Hurley


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