Crypto Accumulation Report: 3rd July-1st August 2023

I made some good progress in stacking various crypto tokens in July, especially staked SPS – I blasted through my 2023 target (2,000 tokens) for that token to end the month with 5,459 staked SPS, 4,125 more than at the start of the month.

That was mainly in response to a change in how Splinterlands calculates your winnings; the amount of staked SPS you hold is now the major factor.

You can also see from the chart that I have shifted my focus more towards accumulating HIVE and HBD. I’ve already hit my 2023 target of 2,000 powered-up HIVE, and I’m now pushing towards hitting Dolphin status by the end of the year.

I decided to focus more on accumulating HBD after I published a blog post titled The HBD Ladder To Freedom a couple of months ago. In July I was able to get onto the first rung of the HBD Ladder by converting some BTC satoshi into HBD.

Crypto Progress, July 2023

Crypto Asset1st January 20232nd July1st August31st December 2023 (Targets)
HIVE Power1,1932,6043,0352,000
Staked SPS5491,3075,4592,000
FreeBitcoin Satoshi3,350,2605,012,6875,138,2795,000,000

Hive 2nd Tier Token Progress

I made progress across all but one of my 2nd-tier Hive tokens. The only one that remained static was INDEX as I’ve already hit my INDEX target for 2023. However, I would like to see my holdings grow to 2,000 INDEX by the end of the year.

The biggest jump was in my LEN holdings. Hitting my 2023 LEN target is now my top priority. My LEN holdings are a mix of staked tokens on Hive-Engine, and pooled tokens (paired with LENM) on Tribaldex.

I’m still confident that I will hit my targets for CTP, ALIVE, and POB, but I’ll need to be a bit more awesome to hit my AWESOME target by the end of the year!

Staked FUN on

Several of my locked FUN positions on are set to mature over the next two or three months, and I will restake them to boost my holdings and compounding. Whenever I have enough Reward Points and free time, I spend them on the “5 FUN Tokens Per Spin” option to help speed things up. If push comes to shove towards the end of the year, then I will use some excess BTC sats to buy up what I need to hit my 2023 FUN target (and get a nice boost in my BTC interest, and daily Wheel of Fortune spins on

Onwards and upwards!

David Hurley