The Best Source of Referrals and Upgrades for My Site Is… Probably Not What You’d Guess…

I have just updated the referral stats for all the online advertising websites that send traffic and referrals to my business-builder site, Elite Downline Builder.

[NOTE: In October 2023 I shut down that site and replaced it with this: ]

EliteDownlineBuilder Continues to Grow Steadily

Over the last six months we have collectively referred over 300 active members, bringing our current total to 720 active and semi-active members, (and 100 “sleepers”) so far…

Active members are those who have logged in and registered an email address. Semi-active members have logged in but not taken any further action. Judging from my most recent email newsletter, which went out to around 450 active members, approximately 270 members are only semi-active.

All that was before I added ClickTrackProfit as one of the “Top 5 Programs” in the downline builder and asked Blain (CTP’s resident “techie”) to set up the Fire-Pay payment processor. Pretty soon I intend to add some ClickTrackProfit gamification to the site and promote it to the CTP community. Then sit back and watch the flood of new referrals and the increased levels of engagement! Rah! Rah! Woop! Woop!

But I’ll talk more about those developments in another blog post – or several…

The topic for today is about how…

One Online Advertising Website Pulls in 16% of All EDB Referrals!

Yes, the amazing thing is that just ONE of 100+ online advertising websites we work with has pulled in 134 of those members – and it is not Google (13 referrals), Facebook (2 referrals), Twitter (0 referrals!), or YouTube (2 referrals)…

It is not a viral mailer, although all the viral mailers combined have brought in the majority of members… (Yes, viral mailers still rock!)

No, it is our old friend, LeadsLeap !

Since the day I launched EliteDownlineBuilder, back in September 2018, Leadsleap has been one of our “Top Five” recommended programs in our downline builder.

Some programs have come and gone… but LeadsLeap, along with SFI and Wealthy Affiliate, have stood the test of time from Day One.

The two programs that I have recently added to the downline builder are, the Prosperity Marketing System ? and, CLICK TRACK PROFIT ? Huzzah! Huzzah! Huzzah!

There is a reason why LeadsLeap keeps its place in our downline builder: LeadsLeap delivers results!

Leadsleap also sends us the best quality referrals. The largest proportion of our upgraded members found us by clicking one of our LeadsLeap ads.

The Key to Getting Results with LeadsLeap

The thing is, for LeadsLeap to work effectively and deliver the kind of results we are seeing at EliteDownlineBuilder, you need to upgrade your membership.

I log in to LeadsLeap every day and click 10-15 ads to earn my daily profit share and a few ad credits.

I know from experience that it takes too long to EARN ad credits as a free member for LeadLeap to be effective.

Check out LeadsLeap at:

Upgrade and be sure to add your affiliate get the sharecodes for my marketing funnel at:

Do it now! Don’t miss out!

All the best,

David Hurley


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