#3StepsNoExcuses Day 4: Do Something New

The fourth day of the #3StepsNoExcuses challenge finds us looking at a couple of popular social media sites, checking our email stats on Listnerds and challenging ourselves to “do something new”… Here’s my take on the day:

Step 1: CTP – Instagram and YouTube

I watched the videos, but I’m not an Instagram fanboy.

The funny thing is that I just DELETED one of my two Instagram accounts, and never use the other one! It was so irritating to create a business account only for a bunch of my Facebook “friends” to start following me when they are NOT my target audience! Grrr.

On the other hand, I love using YouTube – not just viewing but creating videos too, especially chess videos.

Speaking of YouTube, here’s my business channel: https://www.youtube.com/c/Hirohurl

And here’s my personal channel, which is where I post my chess videos:


Step 2 – Listnerd Stats

Nice and easy, this one! I only have one recent email to look at, the one I posted on Day 1, and the stats are not too bad at all. (I have managed a 2.6% open rate on Listnerds before, but anything over 1% is good.)

What I like to do is ask a question and/or include a teaser, and if possible tie it to the reader with a “you” or two.

Okay, that was easy, so I read a few Listnerd emails to build up my mailing credits to over 600 for the next time I send out a mail to the members.

Step 3 – Plus1Success: Do Something New

In the 48 Laws of Power Law number 25 is “Renew Yourself” (example: Julius Caesar). It’s a good rule to follow (but don’t get assassinated on the way).

Today’s challenge was to do something new, and I’m happy to say I knew the “new” I wanted to do!

Today I joined TikTok and posted my first “chess training” video!

Yeah! TikTok is hugely popular with the yoof in Japan and there are probably already a ton of videos of ole “Hurley-sensei” going nuts in class because every time I start acting up one or more of the students whips out their phone and starts videoing the antics!

Anyway, the bad news for them is that now I’m joining the party!

Here’s the link to the video! I need to work on the sound quality…


Variation #22 (the “nun”) in my 1.d4 #chess opening repertoire mnemonic memory system for White. BGM: Alternative TV: You Bastard.

♬ original sound – hirohurl – PubChessBluffer

Oh, and here’s the link to my chess blog: https://easychesstips.com


David Hurley

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