#3StepsNoExcuses Day 8: Build Your List & Your Brand!

I’m still in catch-up mode here. I went through Day 8 of the ClickTrackProfit #3StepsNoExcuses challenge a couple of days ago.

Step 1 CTP: The “Two Bs”

The video training inside ClickTrackProfit was a nice refresher for me. The “two Bs” are (1) “Build your list,” and (2) “Build your brand.” I have been working on list building and brand building for some time now.

Last year my list building efforts were devoted to my Beginners Crypto-Training Course and I still get people opting into that list even though I am not actively promoting it at the moment. [NOTE: (18th April 2021) The new version of my Crypto Training Course is now available!]

Some of the stuff I was advocating back in January 2020 is no longer relevant so I have had to delete a large chunk of the email letters in the autoresponder which means the training is no longer very satisfactory.

Right now I need to crack on and write some new training material for my crytpo-training, including my insights into crytpo futures trading, but I also intend to write a training course to help people get on the right track to making $1000 a month profit from their online ventures, based on what Alex Nordach and I talk about in A Thousand A Month.

This week, though, the “pain in my neck” is making me feel pretty lousy and I’m just about managing to get through the basics of my daily routine including doing the #3StepsNoExcuses challenge and teaching my classes. Thankfully, I have a very light teaching schedule at the moment.

Back to list building…

Another way I build my list is by promoting my traffic site, EliteDownlineBuilder.com which is a hybrid traffic exchange and mailer. This week the membership crossed the 900 mark, so we are on track to hit my target for this year of 1,000 members. (NOTE, I only count verified members, the rest get deleted after a few days.)

I promote various programs on EliteDownlineBuilder and inside The Prosperity Marketing System – which is one of my Top 5 Programs -and also through reviews on my blogs. Elsewhere, the only things I actively promote are my own stuff, whether it be EliteDownlineBuilder.com or one or other of my training courses, or my book or whatever. So that is how I go about the “2 Bs” of building my list and building my brand.

Step 2: Listnerds – Attract, Don’t Sell

I think this is an important lesson for us. One good reason to take the full upgrade on Listnerds would be to send out daily emails about your blog posts, video content and other value-rich content that you are pumping out on social media and of course on the Hive blockchain.

In my case, I am sticking with a lower level upgrade for now where I get to post an email once every five days. I have been remiss in doing so up until the #3StepsNoExcuses challenge, I must admit.

At the moment I’m kinda breaking the rules by promoting my book directly instead of inviting people to JOIN MY LIST to receive value-rich info that can help them grow their online business or learn about the crytpo-sphere….

BUT… That will change shortly, as soon as I have created a new training series and squeeze page… [NOTE: (18th April 2021) The new version of my Crypto Training Course is now available!]

Plus1Success – Blogging

This Plus1Success lesson was relatively easy for me to absorb as it is preachin’ to the converted! I’ve been blogging for a long time now. I ought to BLOG MORE than I do because I have several blogs that reflect my different interests and it is difficult to keep up the creative flow across all the platforms.

However, the Hive blockchain and CTPTalk have made a big difference to my life as a blogger, and “getting paid to blog” IS a massive incentive to keep pumping out content. If that’s something that you’d like to do, I suggest that you first go through the free “Hive Guide” video training course to get started on the right track.

Also, on days when I don’t have any blogging juice in me, it’s great simply to be able to comment and upvote other people’s posts on the Hive blockchain and get paid for doing so; it’s a win-win and very easy to do.

So there we go… lots of room for improvement, but moving forward. Crawling forward, more like it, this week, and crawling is hell with a pain in the neck, but I’m still just about moving and complaining about it all the way…!

All the best,

David Hurley

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