An Infographic Guide To My “Zero To Hero” Beginners Crypto Course

Here’s an infographic I created to show you what my “Zero to Hero” Beginners Crypto Course is all about.

Who is the course for? It is specifically for people who have little or no experience of working with Bitcoin or any other cryptocurrencies and who have little or no money to invest in crypto.

Here Are the 8 Stages of the Course

Stage 1: Opt in and receive a free ebook. (Actually, the ebook is not ready yet! This course is very new! I will send the ebook to subscribers as soon as I finish writing it…)

Stage 2: Once you have confirmed your subscription, you will receive one email message a day for 30 days taking you through the 6 stages from “zero” ? to “crypto superhero” ?!

Stage 3: You will learn how to start earning small amounts of Bitcoin (called “satoshi”) from Day 1. It is very easy to get started.

Stage 4: Discover how you can steadily earn more and more satoshi day by day. This is the most challenging period because you need grit to get into the habit of sticking with it every day. Stick with it and your earnings will grow with increasing momentum.

Stage 5: Learn how to move and store your Bitcoin for maximum convenience AND security, and for minimum or zero cost. This is where we set up a couple of Bitcoin wallets and prepare for the faster moving growth stages…

Stage 6: Let’s speed things up by learning how to grow a team of referrals and earn 50% commissions on their crypto earnings.

Stage 7: Discover other ways to earn cryptocurrency through social media activities such as blogging, video creation, commenting on and “liking” other people’s content.

Stage 8: Once you have accumulated enough crypto “seed money” ($10-$15 is enough), you are ready to jump into the final stage of the course and learn how to leverage your Bitcoin and put the power of compound profits to work to build job-replacement levels of income.

Check out the infographic below for a graphic presentation of the course, and if you like what you see, opt in for free by filling in the form just below it:

Grab My FREE Training & Discover How YOU Can Transform Yourself Into A “Bitcoin Superhero” With ZERO Out-Of-Pocket Expense!

2 Comments on An Infographic Guide To My “Zero To Hero” Beginners Crypto Course

  1. I have known David Hurley for over 7 years and he is a consummate professional, a natural-born educator, and he knows Crypto in and out. David is the reason I got off the fence and became a crypto enthusiast. Thanks David for the time spent on this system of Crypto Success.

    • Hi Andy,

      Thank you for that endorsement, brother. I really appreciate it.

      This is a system that anybody can work with because you can start from zero by working the crypto faucets and the Hive blockchain. Once you have accumulated your seed crypto you can compound it as it flows through a diversified portfolio of carefully selected crypto arbitrage programs.

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