Crypto Accumulation Challenge: Week 2 Progress Report

Two weeks into my Year End Crypto Accumulation Challenge sees some mixed results. I am seeking to accumulate several second-tier tokens on the Hive blockchain as well as Hive itself. In addition, I am accumulating Bitcoin satoshi on the Freebitcoin platform, and hoping to see my funds grow passively on the MAGMarkets trading platform.

I am accumulating without using any out-of-pocket funds to buy crypto tokens. Instead, I am aiming to accumulate by a mixture of content creation and curation (on the Hive blockchain), token trading, faucet claims, daily interest, commission payments, and trading.

Video Report

The Latest Stats

Here is the way things stand as of Sunday 14th November 2021 at the end of the second week of the challenge:

Crypto Asset3rd November 20217th November 202114th November 202131st December (TARGETS)
FreeBitcoin Satoshi966,441967,432969,2831,100,000
MAGMarkets Fund$524$582*$423*$650

*total balance + realized profit – unrealized profit.

The Good News

I am making very good progress in accumulating INDEX tokens. INDEX is a second-tier token on the Hive blockchain that holds a basket of the best performing tokens on the Hive-Engine market. (See for more info about the token, and for the market place.)

This week I accumulated 49 INDEX tokens, mainly by selling off VOUCHER drops that came to me through the INDEX tokens I already hold! With 1,050/1,100 INDEX, I’m confident that I can achieve this target well before the end of the year.

Although I hit my target for ALIVE tokens last week, I continue to receive more tokens through curation and other rewards, so this is the first token that has beaten my target for the year.

The other good news is that I’m continuing to make steady progress growing my satoshi on Freebitcoin. I remain confident that I will hit my target well before the end of the year.

One reason for this is that I am expecting to boost my progress by converting 100,000 Reward Points into 100,000 satoshi pretty soon. I am also expecting a couple of incoming commission payments from my SFI account. (I have set my SFI commissions to be automatically converted into BTC and transferred to my Freebitcoin account each month.)

The Not So Good News

My MAGMarkets funds took a hit this week as there has been a bigger than expected drawdown due to inflation news. However, the trades are still open so let’s see how things develop next week…

The Slow But Steady News

The rate of accumulation for my CTP and HIVE holdings is too slow at the moment. I intend to speed things up on those two fronts by creating more content on and respectively.

As for the tokens where no progress has been made so far, I will turn my attention to them as soon as I have hit my target for INDEX.

Remember, all this accumulation is happening without my putting in any out-of-pocket funds. Download your free copy of the Hive Guide to learn more about the Hive blockchain


David Hurley


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