My 60-Day Crypto Accumulation Challenge

At the beginning of November I posted a video on YouTube setting my goals for accumulating and hodling various crypto tokens by the end of the year.

Specifically, I am mainly focussed on growing specific second tier crypto tokens on the Hive blockchain, as well as the HIVE token itself.

The second tier tokens I’m primarily working with are INDEX and CTP, two tokens created by Blain Jones and Jon Olson who run the ClickTrackProfit online business training site.

In addition, there are a number of other tokens that I am accumulating and hodling at a much slower rate.

I am also aiming to hold over a million BTC satoshi on the gambling site.

I also want to see if the $500 worth of BTC I put into the TurtleTrades Galapagos fund on the MAGMarkets forex trading platform can grow to $650 by the end of the year.

All of this growth is to be achieved without investing any out-of-pocket cash. Instead, I will be accumulating tokens through staking, content creation, button-clicking, and affiliate commissions paid out in BTC. 😉

Here’s the video in which I set my targets:

My Progress So Far…

It’s been a few days since I launched this challenge, so let’s see how much progress I’ve made so far in accumulating my target crypto tokens.

Here’s a progress report video I put out earlier today:

The figures in bold show which assets grew compared to the previous entry. The bold figures in the 31st December column show targets that I have already hit.

Slow But Steady Progress

Progress has been slow but steady in my key second tier Hive blockchain assets, INDEX, and CTP. I’m very pleased to see my INDEX holdings top 1,000 this week. That is thanks to the VOUCHER drops that INDEX has been paying out and which I have been consistently selling off for more INDEX on Hive-Engine.

Hive token growth, however, is very slow. I trust things will speed up as payouts on my recent blog posts begin to flow through the system.

CTP growth has been slowed down because I have been paying out CTP prizes to the winners of my 1000-member Referral Competition. Now that is over I expect the rate of accumulation to speed up and hit the year-end target in good time.

Check Out My Second-Tier Hive-Token Portfolio Value!

You can check out how much my second-tier Hive-blockchain portfolio is worth by clicking this link:

In fact, you can check out anybody’s portfolio (if you know their username) simply by changing the username at the end of the URL.

And once you understand that these tokens actually have market value, you might like to if you’d like to find out how you too can start to accumulate them. For that, I recommend Jon Olson’s free step-by-step Hive Guide training course.

My Progress on

As for accumulating satoshi on FreeBitcoin, I’ve been gaining a few hundred satoshi per day.

I expect to see a some bigger gains when (1) crypto commissions are paid in from SFI and (2) I convert 100,000 Reward Points into 100,000 satoshi. I expect the latter to occur later this month…

The Latest Stats

Anyway, here is the way things stand as of Sunday 7th November 2021:

Crypto Asset3rd November 20214th November 20217th November 202131st December (TARGETS)
FreeBitcoin Satoshi966,441966,727967,4321,100,000
MAGMarkets Fund$524$539*$582*$650

*total balance + realized profit – unrealized profit.


David Hurley


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