Crypto Accumulation Challenge: Chasing & Upgrading Goals

It’s been just four days since my previous report but I have been making better than expected progress on several fronts – and right now I am at a loose end between classes at college – so here’s a photo of me sat at my lectern after completing a TOEIC (Test of English for International Communication) preparation class.

With a 90 minute gap between classes I think I have time to compose a quick update for my Year End Crypto Accumulation Challenge.

The Year-End Crypto-Accumulation Challenge In A Nutshell

Just a reminder: I am seeking to accumulate several second-tier tokens on the Hive blockchain as well as Hive itself. In addition, I am accumulating Bitcoin satoshi on the Freebitcoin platform, and hoping to see my funds grow passively on the MAGMarkets trading platform.

I am not putting in any of my own funds, but accumulating by a mixture of content creation and curation (on the Hive blockchain), token trading, faucet claims, daily interest, commission payments, and trading.

The Latest Stats

Here is the way things stand as of Thursday 18th November 2021:

Crypto Asset3rd November 202114th November 202118th November 202131st December (TARGETS)
FreeBitcoin Satoshi966,441969,2831,154,7771,100,000
MAGMarkets Fund$524$423*$480*$650

*total balance + realized profit – unrealized profit.

Three Targets Surpassed Already…

Four days ago I had busted through my modest target for ALIVE and I am continuing to accumulate ALIVE tokens. Indeed, this challenge has helped me better to appreciate the value of the ALIVE project so I will upgrade my target for the end of the year. It would be nice to end the year with over 1,000 tokens.

I picked up a couple more LEN tokens this week and expect to continue the slow growth and perhaps end the year with 60 tokens.

The other good news is that I have busted through my target for Bitcoin satoshi on the Freebitcoin platform. An automatic commission payment from SFI arrived in the account on Wednesday – over $100 worth of BTC (just as the price had away nicely from the recent All Time High) added to the pot!

So now I wonder if I could get to 1,500,000 satoshi by the end of the year…

Steady Progress

I am continuing to make very good progress in accumulating INDEX tokens, having added another 30 tokens to my stash in the last four days. (For info about INDEX see .)

Slow Progress…

MAGMarkets have improved the position of the funds over the last few days, reducing the amount of the drawdown by over $50, which is encouraging. Actually, when I checked yesterday, the account was back in profit but has dropped back a bit today.

That’s it for now… Time for me to look over whatever it is I’m going to do with my next class of students!


David Hurley


P. S. Not sure where to start on the Hive blockchain? That’s where the Hive Guide can help! Download your free copy today!

hive guide

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