I Upgraded My Listnerds Account To “Enterprise” – Here’s Why

Yes, I’ve finally gone and done it. I’ve upgraded my Listnerds account from Premium to Enterprise.

Upgrading to Enterprise is the second leg of my two-legged strategy to boost my content creation and Hive earning power going forward. The other leg is my #justonething commitment to pump out blog content on PeakD every day.

Although in one way upgrading to Enterprise on Listnerds may be seen as a “no brainer,” it was not so easy for me to commit to making the move.

Tough To Give Up Lifetime Premium

That’s because about ten years ago I bought a “Lifetime Premium” upgrade on the old Listnerds, and to his great credit, @jongolson honoured that lifetime commitment by carrying it over to the new blockchain-based Listnerds. That means, in effect, that the 1,000 Listnerd tokens that I’ve accumulated since the relaunch did not cost me a single penny in out-of-pocket investment into Listnerds.

I was able to float happily within my comfort zone of “no out of pocket investment” into crypto and churn out a fair bunch of Listnerd tokens every day, and even more whenever I had earned enough credits to send a solo ad. You could call it “crypto for old rope” except that I didn’t even have to try and flog any frayed hawser to make my moolah.

Putting Some Skin in the Game

However, having followed Listnerd advocates such as @jimmyadames and @bradleysfi and run the numbers through my addled pate, it was obvious that I could make a lot more by investing in the system – and my calculations are based on imagining Listnerds were valued at $1 rather than the $2 mark that the owners seek to maintain it at.

In short, there is a lot of leeway for profit even if there were a big drop in the value of Listnerd tokens. So in my book upgrading to Enterprise is a risk worth taking.

It was time to put some skin in the game.

As soon as my Enterprise upgrade was processed I received my first solo email and used it to promote my Fill Your Funnel email training course. That earned me 97 listnerds, or double my money back if Listnerds are worth $2. Even if the token value drops 50%, every Listnerds token I earn during the rest of May is pure profit.

Cheers for now!

David Hurley


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