Crypto Accumulation Progress Report: April 2022

April was a slow month for me on the crypto-accumulation front, mainly because my levels of engagement on the Hive blockchain plummeted.

During the first half of April I was working on my Fill Your Funnel training course, trying to get as much written and videoed as I could before the beginning of the summer college term.

Term commenced in the middle of April and the switch to full-time teaching took up most of my time and energy. However I still managed to make some progress on most crypto fronts.

I am hopeful that a new #Just One Thing initiative that I launched with @russellstockley at the beginning of May will help me to make much better progress on the Hive blockchain going forward.

Here’s the latest state of play:

Crypto Asset1st January3rd April7th May2022 TARGETS
FreeBitcoin Satoshi1,520,2912,192,3662,371,4683,000,000

Listnerds Will Carry Me Through

While my progress with Hive and second-tier Hive tokens has been slow, the one obvious exception has been Listnerd tokens. Until the beginning of this month I was earning about 20 Listnerd tokens a day from my stake and about 100 per week from my mailings.

At the beginning of this month I upgraded my Listnerds account from Premium to Enterprise and it looks as if I will now be able to earn at least 2,000 Listnerd tokens a month going forward.

Later this year I will follow the @bradleyarrow strategy and unstake 50% of my daily earnings so that I will eventually have a stream of liquid tokens that I can trade for other tokens on my target list and thereby hit more of my crypto accumulation goals for 2022. At the same time, the other 50% of my daily Listnerds earnings will be added to my stake, helping me to continue growing my Listnerds position.

Satoshi and FUN

Looking at my non-Hive based tokens, I think I’m pretty much on target to hit my satoshi target this year. Once I hit the 3 million satoshi target I will start to swap satoshi for FUN tokens to see if I can hit that target as well. That in turn will enable me to earn more satoshi each day on as it will give me more free Wheel Spins to play with every day.

And that, my friends, is my report for April 2022.


David Hurley


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