Crypto Accumulation Progress Report: March 2022

Here’s a look at my updated accumulation chart, which includes the first three days of April as I forgot to take a snapshot at the end of March.

Crypto Asset1st January28th February3rd April2022 TARGETS
FreeBitcoin Satoshi1,520,2911,725,0642,192,3663,000,000

LISTNERDS 2022 Target – Smashed!

Looking at the chart, the first thing you might notice is that I have not just hit one of my goals for 2022, but completely smashed it! I’m gobsmacked at the speed with which I have been able to earn LISTNERDS on the Listnerds blockchain mailer! I really didn’t expect that.

I think everybody who has been using Listnerds to publicize their content or promote their offers has been surprised and delighted by the rate at which they’ve been getting those LISTNERDS rewards. My progress has been quite modest compared to those who have gone full Enterprise beast mode and post on Listnerds every single day and now have several thousand tokens to their names.

So that was a massive positive result in March.

Content Creation Rewards Slowed Down

However, I was not as productive as I had intended to be on the blogging front. I only published six blog posts across the Hive frontends, which slowed down the rate of accumulation of Hive and tokens such as CTP, LEO, ALIVE and POB.

Crypto Gains On All Fronts!

Even so, this is the first month that I can remember having made at least some progress across all my target crypto assets, even CTPSB!

There are two reasons for that and also for the good progress I made towards my INDEX and SPS targets:

  1. When I won some Listnerds tokens (when the new “shaky shaky” prize popped up on one of the posts I was checking) I sold them off to buy some of the other tokens on my target list.
  2. The CTP token rose in value to over 2 cents during March. All the time it was above 2 cents I continued to stake some CTP each day, but sold off a good portion of my daily earnings to buy into tokens that were undervalued (in my opinion – don’t take this as investment advice, LOL!), such as SPS and INDEX. I also sold off some CTP to purchase that one extra CTPSB token, which will help to earn me more CTP! Now that it has dropped back below 2 cents I have reverted to staking 100% of my newly aquired CTP tokens each day.

Bitcoin Satoshi and FUN

Away from the Hive blockchain, I made good progress towards my Freebitcoin satoshi target in March, adding 467,302 satoshi to my Bitcoin stash. I was able to do that through a combination of my daily activities (rolls and wheel spins), daily interest payments, my Freebitcoin referral commissions, and commissions that I earn in Bitcoin from other programs, which I deposit into Freebitcoin.

Lastly, I was able to add 275 FUN tokens to my stash by cashing in Freebitcoin Reward tokens for “5 FUN tokens per Roll” whenever I could. That enabled me to earn 5 FUN tokens each hour that I hit the Roll button in a 24 hour period.

So, all in all, not a bad month really, but I still need to pick up my pace across several of my target tokens.

The question is…

Now I’ve hit my 2022 LISTNERDS target, should I start to unstake a small portion of LISTNERDS each week to buy other tokens on my target list? I will let that question sit unanswered for another few months and have a look at it once I have 1,000 LISTNERDS under my belt.


David Hurley


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