I’ve Put 5 100% Commission Affiliate Programs Into An Easy-To-Clone Marketing Funnel For You!

Are you an affiliate marketer looking to make money online? Do you struggle to break even with programs that offer low commission rates? Would you like to work with 100% commission affiliate programs? If so, my “100% Commission Funnel” might be the solution for you.

In this blog post, we will explore the concept behind the 100% Commission Funnel and the five 100% commission affiliate programs I have loaded into it. These programs are specifically targeted at Internet marketers who target the “make money online,” “traffic generation,” and “lead generation” niches.

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The Idea Behind The Funnel

The idea behind the 100% Commission Funnel is simple: to help people get their money back on their business investment, break even, and start making a profit as quickly as possible. Traditional affiliate programs often require you to recruit several people just to break even, which a lot of affiliate marketers find challenging.

With the 100% Commission Funnel, you only need one person to get your money back in each program. Once that person upgrades, you not only get your money back but also get to enjoy the benefits of the program for no cost. The very next sale puts you into profit.

Also, because the programs offer “biz-op seekers” the tools and traffic they need to succeed, it is much easier to convert traffic into leads, and leads into customers than it is with network marketing programs that sell potions and lotions or other non-business-related products.

The Five 100% Commission-Paying Programs

Now, let’s take a closer look at the five programs included in the 100% Commission Funnel:

  1. OLSP Megalink This program, created by a British bloke called Wayne Crowe, offers a $7 “Megalink” as its front-end product. When someone buys this $7 product through your affiliate link, you receive a 100% commission. Additionally, any other products they purchase in the system will earn you 10%-50% commissions depending on the product. This low-entry ($7 one time) price point makes it an attractive option for those with limited funds.
  2. MLM Recruit On Demand This program is ideal for individuals in the United States who are interested in contacting and speaking with leads. For a one-time payment of $15, you receive 100% commissions when people purchase through your link. With your purchase, you also receive 100 USA biz-op leads, allowing you to contact potential customers via phone or email. When you have contacted all your leads, you can request another 100 leads at no extra cost, and you can request more leads as many times as you want, making this program an endless source of biz-op leads for you to contact.
  3. 100 Percent Clicks Created by Frank Salinas, 100 Percent Clicks is a safelist with a front end 100% commission feature built in. When someone you refer makes their first purchase, you receive a 100% commission. Joining as a free member still allows you to earn 100% commissions on the first sale made by your referrals.
  4. Prosperity Marketing System The Prosperity Marketing System offers recurring income with its 100% commission payments. For a monthly fee of $12, you earn 100% commission for as long as your subscribers are upgraded to the student level. This program also provides additional training and a funnel system, making it a valuable tool for affiliate marketers.
  5. Cash N Ads for Me This program, also created by Frank Salinas, offers a great deal. For a one-time payment of $25, you receive a gold membership to three of Frank’s sites, which is worth more than $25. Additionally, you can promote this program and earn 100% commissions on the $25 payments made by others. The multiple payment options available make it easy to receive your commissions.

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Feel free to reach out to me at david@davidhurley.net if you need any assistance in setting up your 100% marketing funnel.

Best wishes,

David Hurley


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