Safelist Marketing 5: Leverage Your Traffic With Lifetime Offers (1) Herculist Gold


Safelists play an important role in generating traffic for marketers, and lifetime memberships provide an opportunity to maximize their traffic power. In this module we look at how the lifetime gold membership of can enhance your marketing efforts.

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Exploring Herculist

Herculist is a well-established safe list with a large membership base. While the gold lifetime membership offer is not prominently displayed on the site, it provides significant advantages for members. By signing up for a free account, you gain access to the lifetime gold membership offer, which includes various benefits such as credit mailer and “blurb” credits, free email solo ad submissions, and proven buyer list submissions. The key benefit of the gold membership is the ability to email the entire membership daily.

Understanding the Lifetime Gold Membership

To access the lifetime gold membership offer, create a free account on Herculist. After signing up, you will be presented with upgrade offers, including the lifetime gold membership. For a one-time payment of $49 you receive 20,000 credit mailer and blurb credits, two free email solo ad submissions, two free proven buyer list submissions, and 1,000 bonus visitors to your website. As a gold member, you can email the entire list membership daily and hourly without spending credits.

Utilizing the Gold Membership

Once you have upgraded to the gold membership, you can access the members area of Herculist. Here, you can submit daily and hourly emails and web ads to the entire membership. The regular mailer option allows you to send ads without a credit link, relying on the attractiveness of your subject line to encourage members to open your emails. As a gold member, you can also rotate your ads and resubmit previous ads, enabling you to promote multiple offers to the membership.

Earning Credits and Prizes

To use the credit mailer on Herculist, you can click on other members’ emails to earn credits. The site also offers a prize system, where you have the chance to win additional credits. Claiming prizes and earning credits through the prize system boosts your credit earnings, allowing you to send out more ads to the membership.

Additional Features

Herculist offers a traffic exchange feature called “The Zone,” where you can earn site views by participating in the exchange. This feature allows you to showcase your landing pages and increase visibility for your offers.

Affiliate Program

As a Gold member you will earn 50% commissions on sales and upgrades, so it only takes two Gold upgrade commissions for you to get your one-time membership fee back. On your third affiliate sale you will be in profit and have access to all the benefits of Gold membership as well.


Herculist safelist, with its lifetime gold membership offer, provides marketers with an excellent opportunity to leverage their traffic power. By upgrading to the gold membership, you gain access to multiple benefits, including daily email privileges to the entire membership. With the ability to rotate ads, earn credits, and participate in the prize system, Herculist offers a comprehensive platform for effective traffic generation. Consider taking advantage of the lifetime gold membership offer to enhance your marketing efforts. Stay tuned for more insights and strategies in our upcoming modules.

David Hurley


Leads, Leads, Leads!