Safelist Marketing 4: EuropeanSafelist Benefits for Free Members

In this module, we will explore EuropeanSafelist, a highly regarded safelist that offers generous credit earning rates for free members. With over 17,000 members, European Safelist provides an excellent opportunity to reach a large audience and maximize credit accumulation.

Exploring European Safe List

As a free member, you can generate a significant number of credits with just a few clicks. This enables you to email the entire “free” membership once every 3 days.

Earning Credits

To highlight the credit earning potential of European Safelist, we will examine the credit allocation for standard solo ads and special solo ads. Standard solo ads typically offer 300 credits per click, which is already higher than most safelists. However, the real credit accumulation begins with the special solo ads that provide a massive 1,500 credits per click.

Maximizing Credit Accumulation

Free members of European Safelist can take advantage of two approaches to maximize credit accumulation: clicking every email European Safelist sends to your inbox, or focusing on special solo ads. By opening multiple tabs and clicking on various emails, you can quickly accumulate credits. However, the real opportunity lies in identifying special solo ads that offer 1,500 credits per click. By focusing on those ads, you can earn a substantial number of credits in a short amount of time.

Once you have accumulated 17-18,000 credits, you can use them to send credit-based emails to the entire free membership of European Safelist. Each credit corresponds to one email sent to a member.

Upgrade Options

There are 3 upgrade levels, Siliver, Pro, and Platinum. One reason to upgrade is to be able to get your emails delivered to upgraded members. Why does that matter? Because upgraded members are “proven buyers” in the “make money online” market – exactly the type of leads that you want to show your offers to.

Here’s a brief overview of the three levels (check the European Safelist Upgrade page for all the benefits each level delivers):

  • Silver – $3 a month. Mail twice a day to all Free and Silver members.
  • Pro – $7 a month. Mail 3 times a day to all free, Silver and Pro members.500 MLM leads and 1 Solo Ad every month.
  • Platinum – $45 a month. Mail 12 times a day to all members. 500 mlm LEADS, 30 Realtime leads, and
    1 SUPERSOLO AD every month.

Benefits and Reputation

European Safelist has gained recognition in the safelist community for its exceptional credit earning rates and effective email delivery. It consistently appears on reputable safe list statistics pages, such as Jerry Ianucci’s European Safelist’s high click-through rates and the potential for sign-ups make it a valuable platform for marketers seeking targeted exposure.


European Safelist stands out as a generous safe list that offers free members an excellent opportunity to accumulate credits and reach a large audience. With its impressive credit earning rates and the ability to email the entire free membership, European Safelist provides a valuable platform for effective communication and engagement.