How Do You Promote Your Online Biz When Busy With Offline Work? My New Hack!

What do you do for your online business on days when you are going about your offline work or other activities?

In my case, I have built up a pretty good routine on my smartphone when commuting to and from my teaching gigs by tram, train or bus:

(1) Go through all my online chess games at – Okay, this has nothing to do with my online business, but playing chess every day is built into my DNA…

Earning Safelist Credits On My Commute

(2) Go to Gmail and start earning credits on various safelists (by clicking the credit links in the emails they send to my Gmail account).

(2a) I usually start with ViralMailerProfits as I have a lifetime upgrade on that site and it is one of the most responsive.

(2b) Then I might go through some EuropeanSafelist emails looking for the solos where they pay you 1,500 credits.

(2c) After that I will open my Gmail “Traffic Zipper” file and work through a bunch of emails from the various safelists that I’ve linked to TrafficZipper to earn a bunch of credits across several sites.

The New “Talking Head” Productivity Hack

Last week, I added one more productivity hack to my morning commute.

Now that the autumn has brought cooler temperatures, I am resuming my morning walks into college. Back in the summer I’d stay on the tram all the way to college, but now the mornings are cooler, I hop off the tram much earlier, and walk the rest of the way into college. My route takes me along a couple of rivers, and last week I decided to make a quick “talking head” YouTube video on my way into college.

It was a great feeling to arrive at college knowing that I had made and uploaded a YouTube video already. I did it again the next day.

Then, on Saturday, I made another “talking head” video while walking back to my tram stop after teaching at a community centre.

This morning, I was back at college, and so I made my fourth video by the river on my way to work.

Talking Head Videos Have A Different Vibe

Those videos feel very different from the ones I make when I’m at home. There is a different vibe. I’m either sitting on a bench, or standing by the river, or walking along the river or down a narrow road in the outskirts of town… I’m really surprised at how it has brought out a different style of presentation, and I really like it!

The First Of My Recent Talking Head Videos

So, here is the first video I made, on the topic of Herculist – a safelist with a massive membership and a lot of other advertising options. It has an excellent Lifetime Gold Membership option.

In the video I talk about an hourly email option that was recently added to Herculist, and what I discovered when I logged in to check it out!

The Power of the Prosperity Marketing System

Okay, if you watched the video you’ll have heard me talking about how I discovered I’d earned some commission from Herculist even though I have done hardly anything (before this blog post) to promote it. Herculist is simply one of the traffic sites that I recommend inside the Prosperity Marketing System. So any commissions I earn on Herculist are earned entirely passively via my Prosperity Marketing System referrals.

Herculist Is Now One Of My Daily Productivity Hacks

I’ve added Herculist to my early morning and evening productivity hacks on my teaching days – days when I am less likely to create content for my online business.

Once you have sent out an email, you can simply “resubmit” without having to write it from scratch each time. I have four emails promoting four different landing pages, so with the new “hourly mailing” feature, it is very easy to send out all four even on a day that is mostly taken up with offline activities.

Check out Herculist here if you don’t already have an account:

The Gold membership is a LIFETIME deal and, if my experience is anything to go by, well worth the investment.

Check out my “Get More Sales” marketing funnel here:

All the best,

David Hurley