4 Days Left For My Year-End Crypto Accumulation Challenge…

With just four days left before the end of the year, this is my final progress check for my Year-End Crypto Accumulation Challenge…

So far, I have hit six out of the eleven targets I set myself at the beginning of November. Those successes are for second tier tokens on the Hive blockchain, namely INDEX, CTPM, LEO, LEN, ALIVE, and also for my satoshi target on FreeBitco.in.

Check out my latest video update:

You can also view this video on Odysee @ https://odysee.com/@DavidHurley:2/4-Days-Left-Of-My-Year-End-Crypto-Accumulation-Challenge…:b?r=CayrayR4xvz59JU8KaLZqWs5XEpfz1Jf

Get !ALIVE Tipping Rights When You Stake 1000 ALIVE Tokens

Now that I have staked 1,000 ALIVE tokens I am able to “tip” 1/10 ALIVE tokens to people who post content on the various blogging platforms on the Hive blockchain. I gave my first !ALIVE tip to Lisa Gentile for a comment she posted in response to one of my recent blog posts on CTPTalk:

ProofOfBrain and LISTNERDS Tokens

After the challenge had been running for a while I added ProofOfBrain, and with 72/100 tokens accumulated I am still hopeful that I can hit the target by the end of the year.

I added POB to the challenge because I want to publish my content on their platform and so I ought to invest in their token.

Another token that I have just started accumulating is the newly released LISTNERDS. I bought 11 LISTNERDS with some satoshi I had in my Coinbase account. I had intended to use those satoshi to help me to hit more of my targets in the challenge, but the new LISTNERDS tokens are too good to leave on the table.

In January 2022 the Listnerds viral mailer will start to operate on the Hive blockchain. It is a highly innovative step for the viral mailer industry, and one that I want to take advantage of. (I will blog about Listnerds sometime in the New Year.)

Here’s how things stand with just four days to go…

Crypto Asset3rd November 202116th December 202127th December 202131st December (TARGETS)
ALIVE6508681,000(700) 1000
FreeBitcoin Satoshi966,4411,287,9331,517,375(1,100,000) 1,250,000
MAGMarkets Fund$524$573?? $650 (abandoned)

Excellent Progress With FreeBitco.in – Thanks To SFI!

Last week I reached another milestone with 1.5 million satoshi on FreeBitco.in thanks in large part to my SFI commission for November.

I have set up my SFI account to convert my commissions into BTC and send them directly to my FreeBitco.in account each month. That enables me to price-cost-average my way into BTC each month without any out-of-pocket expense on my part. 🙂

MAGMarkets: A Bit of a Downer 🙁

It seems that the MAGMarkets trading platform has been hacked or the platform owners have legged it with the loot… However, the trader I’m working with seems to think the situation can be salvaged, but for now at least, I have to abandon any hope of hitting my target and perhaps say goodbye to my risky punt! We shall see…

For now though, let’s see if I can hit some more of my targets before the close of the year.

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David Hurley

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