Did Leadsleap and TrafficAdBar Just Have A Baby?

Here’s hoping my American subscribers had a good Thanksgiving!

Did you load up on any Black Friday deals?

The only one I went for was Marty Petrizza’s $59 Lifetime Gold deal on Website Traffic Rewards. Gold members earn 20 cents a day just for logging in! (Free members get 10 cents!)

The Black Friday Lifetime Gold offer is still available as I write this, but will be gone soon, so click the button and grab it while you can: 

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That’s what Frank Salinas‘ new website, MyTrafficPartners feels like – a cross between Leadsleap and TrafficAdBar – as it has features that resemble each of those high-traffic-volume platforms.

Just like Leadsleap, Pro members can post 10 ads, and your ads will be shown on a growing network of websites and blogs. That will attract high quality traffic because those ads are not incentivized… Meaning people click on ads because they are curious to learn more… = good quality leads for you!

Right now it’s in Prelaunch and it’s one of those sites you just know is going to be HUGE (it’s a Frank Salinas site, so you don’t need a PhD in Telepathy to know that)!

If you’ve not jumped in yet – join free here and check out the exclusive Prelaunch deal…

It’s not for everyone – this is the deal for you if you are serious about building a content-marketing business on the Internet.

Click the banner, join free (they’ll give you a free WordPress blog!) and check out the site – a countdown timer shows you how many hours are left on the Black Friday offer:

Here’s the latest news update and training video from the Livegood team:

Livegood didn’t run any Black Friday deals, but their prices still beat the competition!

This week’s training: Discover the Rubick’s Cube method of marketing… for an unheard of 60% conversion rate!

In your 50s or beyond?

Find out more about Livegood and healthy living for on my blog:


Keep your eyes peeled for my new YouTube channel dedicated to healthy living in the fifties and beyond…

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That’s all I’ve got for ya this week!


David Hurley