Crypto Accumulation Report: 2nd October-1st November 2023

I didn’t hit any of my five remaining crypto accumulation targets for 2023 last month and progress across all the tokens was fairly modest. That was mainly due to the launch of the Affiliate Advertising Club in October and my decision to buy a bunch of advertising on that site using September’s Bitcoin commissions from Livegood that were paid into my Freebitcoin account at the beginning of October.

Here is the state of play as of 1st November 2023:

Crypto Asset1st January 20231 October1 November31st December 2023 (Targets)
HIVE Power1,1933,3063,3762,000
Staked SPS5495,8406,0452,000
FreeBitcoin Satoshi3,350,2603,712,1483,498,342(5,000,000)

Progress up the HBD Ladder of Freedom slowed down last month, but with the help of interest earnings and content rewards, I was still able to add $96 to savings, and I have already hit the goal I set for HBD at the beginning of the year. However, I am placing a lot more emphasis on HBD these days. Now, my hope is that my new venture with the Affiliate Advertising Club will begin to bear fruit and generate an extra source of crypto earnings (Litecoin) which I can convert to Hive and boost my monthly savings rate.

Next year, I will set a more ambitious goal for HBD. I will be setting goals for fewer coins, but HBD will be one of the big ones.

It is a similar story with HIVE. I hit my 2023 target at while ago, but my goal for HIVE has become more ambitious in the meantime, and I added just 70 HIVE to my HP holdings in October. Not bad, I suppose, as it means I earnt over two HIVE per day.

Second Tier Hive Tokens

I haven’t yet hit my 2023 targets for four of these tokens: ALIVE; AWESOME; CTP; POB. Of those tokens I’m really only seriously intending to hit my targets for ALIVE and POB.

I think ALIVE is well worth supporting as it does a lot to help, encourage and grow the Hive community. This is one of the tokens that I will continue to focus on into 2024.

As for POB, I think it is worth achieving my 2023 goal as I use their tag whenever I post content. I will keep on growing POB, but will not set a specific target for it in 2023.

As I have mentioned before, I miscalculated the value of AWESOME and I doubt that I will have $200 worth of spare crypto to put into it between now and the end of the year simply to hit the target. As wish POB, I will continue to let Awesome grow at its own modest rate, but not set a 2024 target.

What About CTP?

CTP** has had a disappointing year, with the developer no longer available to fix issues or move the project on, it seems to be stuck, as does one of the projects that uses CTP, Listnerds. Right now our CTP holdings on Listnerds are stuck in limbo. Although I continue to add them to my total CTP holdings just for the record, it is pretty meaningless to do so at the moment as we are unable to withdraw CTP from Listnerds and there is no sign that anything is being done to rectify the situation.

So, although I will continue to stake CTP to the end of the year, it looks as if I won’t hit my 2023 target for this token, and frankly, it no longer seems to matter. I will drop CTP from my 2024 accumulation list.

Bitcoin and FUN

My holdings took a caning over the last few weeks as I moved crypto off the site to buy some advertising on the newly launched Affiliate Advertising Club for myself and a friend of mine. He bought $100 of Litecoin from me for cash. I converted BTC to LTC for him to fund his AAC account. (And that, by the way, is the first time I have cashed out any crypto holdings, so that’s one for the records.)

Meanwhile, several of my locked FUN positioned matured, each with a 25% gain, and I promptly locked them all up for another year and another 25% p/a. I want to push on and hit my FUN target of 250,000 tokens by the end of the year.

And that’s it for October’s crypto accumulation report.

David Hurley