Free Crypto Faucets: What If You Break Your Smartphone And Lose Google Authenticator?

Three weeks ago I dropped my smartphone into some soapy water in my sink and down the plughole it went.

This Phone Is Stone Dead

No, I don’t mean the phone went down the plughole in the literal sense, but it certainly went kaputt. No doubt about it, it was a dead phone, an ex-phone, stone dead, deceased and expired. As it expired a ghastly purple hue spread across its screen as if it were being throttled by an invisible hand.

The Rigmarole Of Replacing A Smartphone

And what a rigmarole getting a new smartphone is. I wandered into the phone shop, waited for twenty minutes only to discover that I had to wait another two and a half hours for a consultation.

When I went back, buying a new phone took just two minutes (to the amazement of the young lady who was dealing with me), but then I discovered that another 90 minutes would be required to set up the new phone with all the junk on the old phone.

When I returned, yet again, I was told that not all the data from my Line app had come across and that 2 years’ data had gone. That doesn’t bother me too much. It’s all water under the bridge.

The Google Authenticator Disaster

It was only when I got home and attempted to log in to my account that I discovered that Google Authenticator does not transfer data across from one phone to another, and, worse still, has no way for you to access the old authenticator app codes via Google. So if you did not (as I did not) save your back up codes, you are screwed.

I suddenly realized that, if the sites that were “protected” by Google Authenticator had no back up system of their own, then I would not be able to access them at all.

Can I Get Back Into My Crypto Faucets?

Four of my crypto faucets were “protected” by Google authenticator, so I started the painful process of trying to recover access to them.

The four crypto faucets were:

  1. <== This was the big one: well over $1k BTC at stake!
  3. Final Auto Claim (Autofaucet.Dutchycorp.Space)

In this video I document the process of restoring – or failing to restore – access to my accounts…

Based On My Experience, Which Faucets Do I Still Recommend?

Three of the four faucets I’d “protected” with Google Authenticator have systems in place for us to restore access.

This experience has increased my confidence in those faucets so I am posting my affiliate links to those three here:

  1. = my #1 recommendation

The faucet I can no longer recommend based on my experience of their (lack of) support is…

  1. 🙁

All the best,

David Hurley