Crypto Accumulation Report, 1st April-1st May 2023

In April, I made at least some progress towards all but two of my crypto goals. I hit two of my 2023 targets (HIVE and LEO), but had to abandon my Free-Litecoin project.

Here is the state of play as of 1st May 2023:

Crypto Asset1st January 20231st April1st May31st December 2023 (TARGETS)
Staked SPS5498049282,000
FreeBitcoin Satoshi3,250,2605,016,9365,007,181(3,500,0005,000,000

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Two More Big Targets Hit!

In March I hit my target of 5 million satoshi, so last month I was able to start the next phase of my plan, which is to use my balance to invest in my other projects.

In April I converted enough satoshi into Swap.Hive to hit two of my most important Hive targets, 2000 HIVE and 500 LEO. I’d like to push on and accumulate more of those two tokens, but in May I will focus on hitting my INDEX token target, and push on a bit faster with Hive Backed Dollars (HBD) to take advantage of the 20% p/a interest rate.

It feels good, though, to have hit three of my major accumulation targets in the first four months of the year. As each target is hit, I can use more resources to achieve the other targets, helping to build momentum and hit – and hopefully exceed – all my targets for this year.

Well, all but one…

Free-Litecoin Fails The Test!

Early last month I stupidly dropped my smartphone into some washing up water and had to get a new phone. That was when I realized that I could not access my Authenticator app and would have to contact sites such as and Free-Litecoin in the hope of getting access to my accounts back.

I do NOT recommend any more.

I blogged about that experience and how has a clear recovery process but Free-Litecoin does not, and how Free-Litecoin completely failed to solve the issue for me.

Since I cannot access the site or disable my 2FA settings, the Free-Litecoin project is now defunct and I have removed it from my 2023 goals and also deleted it from my Beginners Crypto Course email training series. In short I do NOT recommend any more.


David Hurley