How to Earn Free Satoshi in 3 Easy Steps

Perhaps you are not aware that it is possible to earn free satoshi. Well, not only is it possible, it is surprisingly easy to build a Bitcoin stash by earning free satoshi with no up-front investment at all.

That means it is a completely risk free way to get Bitcoin.

Note: Satoshi is the smallest denomination of Bitcoin. There are 10 million satoshi to one Bitcoin.

Also, you don’t have to worry about the Bitcoin/currency exchange rate when you are getting started. You simply need to learn the best way to get free Bitcoin and then follow the steps every day to build your Bitcoin stash.

Another benefit of this method is that you do not need to worry about getting a Bitcoin wallet set up to get started. You can do that later, when you are getting ready to make your first Bitcoin withdrawal.

Satoshi is the smallest denomination of Bitcoin. There are 10 million satoshi to one Bitcoin.

You can get started building your Bitcoin stash right now, simply by taking the first of the three steps listed below. And yes, it is free! You can start earning your first Bitcoin instantly by completing step 1…

How to Earn Free Satoshi in 3 Easy Steps!

Step #1: Open Your First Bitcoin Faucet

A Bitcoin faucet is a website that rewards visitors with satoshi at predetermined intervals. You earn satoshi at those sites simply by completing a catptcha form. It’s really that simple! Bitcoin faucets are very easy to work with and you can join a faucet website simply by entering your email address. Faucets are free to join. (They give away satoshi as an incentive to attract a lot of visitors to their sites so they can deliver traffic to their advertising clients.)

Let’s get started with and add some more faucets later on, once you have earned some satoshi and get a feel for how faucets work.

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Step #2: Set Up Your CoinPot account

CoinPot is a free microwallet where your earnings from Bitcoin faucets such as BonusBitcoin are stored. It is very easy to open a CoinPot account – simply enter your email address, set a password and agree to the Terms of Service.

You can also use CoinPot to earn extra satoshi through your browser. This is a form of passive Bitcoin mining. It will increase the CPU usage on your device while it is running. I find I can run a moderate mining process in the background without any significant impact on the functionality of my computer for normal daily usage.

Step #3: Multiply Your Earnings By Joining Multiple Faucets

I work with a bunch of Bitcoin faucets every morning to earn a lot of satoshi day after day. I have posted a list of Recommended Bitcoin Faucet Sites for you to work with to boost your daily earnings of Bitcoin satoshi.

Step#4: Skyrocket Your Earnings By Referring & Duplicating

This is the key to building your Bitcoin stash and the best way to get free Bitcoin. In steps #1 to #3 you have a free way to earn a lot of satoshi every day. In step #4, you can skyrocket your daily earnings by showing others how to do it.

You will earn 50% lifetime commissions with Bonus Bitcoin (and most other Bitcoin faucets) every time one of your referrals earn satoshi.

David Hurley