I’m In Profit Already With The Click Engine Affiliate Program!

Get Real Buyer Traffic to your Offer with The Click Engine: https://warriorplus.com/o2/a/z7kzbt/0

In this video I report on my first affiliate sales after promoting The Click Engine for just four or five days.

The good news is that I’m already “in the money” and so I’m effectively getting free “buyer lead traffic” to my landing page. You might even say that I’m getting paid by Jeff Aman, creator of The Click Engine, to receive a stream of buyer-leads every day!

Check out the video for the lowdown:

My Sales Stats With The Click Engine

Here are my completed sales stats for January:

My Traffic Stats From The Click Engine

  • Total Visits = 36
  • Unique Visits = 20
  • Real Visits = 33
  • Opt-Ins = 0

Not bad for a product that is not yet a week old. I am confident that the figures will increas across the board over the coming weeks.

The traffic we receive is going to grow as more and more people join The Click Engine. There is no free option, so everybody who is in The Click Engine is a “buyer lead” in the biz-op / business traffic market, and it is those people that The Click Engine sends to the members – people who have already bought a business product.

Jeff Aman Announce Bonus Traffic From 300+ Traffic Sites

In addition to the primary service, which is “buyer traffic,” Jeff has just announced that he will be sending outside traffic to The Click Engine rotator from over 300 leading mailers and traffic exchanges. That traffic is BONUS traffic, not necessarily “buyer traffic” but an additional, and very welcome, stream of traffic flowing to The Click Engine rotator. Check out Jeff’s announcement in this video:

Right now The Click Engine is in its launch phase so you can get in early for a very low $4.90 monthly sub that will be locked in for life.

David Hurley


The Click Engine: https://warriorplus.com/o2/a/z7kzbt/0

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