My First Seasonal Rewards In The Splinterlands Play To Earn NFT Game

It’s quite funny how I have got sucked into the Splinterlands NFT trading game thing!

At the beginning of the year I was still avoiding it – the story I was telling myself was that I didn’t want to spend my precious time learning a new game or try to fathom out how you’re supposed to deploy all those crazy monsters…

What? Earn Over 30% Per Annum On Staked SPS Tokens??

Then I learned about the (at the time) 30+% interest rate on staked SPS… so instead of selling of my bits of SPS I started staking them – and to do that I had to start logging in to Splinterlands…

And that’s how I started to dabble with a game or two, deliberately NOT researching, just clicking random Monster NFT cards and watching the Splinterlands game play out to my inevitable defeat!

But I just couldn’t help myself! Without meaning to, I learnt a lot watching those early games… and gradually started to “get it”…

And now I’m hooked!

I Made It To Bronze II Last Season

I’m stoked that I made it to Bronze II last season and just received my first ever seasonal rewards – 7 chests, each containing a mystery prize…

Here are my lovelies. There be treasure inside:


And of course, I immediately opened them. The first chest contained the best prize: Epic Dragon, Djinn Chawala – a new card for me. 🙂


I’ll probably rent out the two cards on the Splinterlands on-site marketplace so they earn their keep.

As for the new season, getting to Bronze I is going to be a challenge at my current level of play. I have less than 1,500 Power and right now I’m back in Bronze III, which is sad – no DEC prizes at that lowly level. You need to be in Bronze II or higher to earn DEC token rewards on your Splinterland victories.


Well, at the beginning of the year I wasn’t even a “novice,” so who knows what the season will bring. I do anticipate that it’ll be a combination of frustration, fun, and increased earnings as I make progress with the Splinterlands NFT trading game!

Once more unto the breach, dear friends, once more…!

David Hurley

P. S. If you’d like to “play to earn” crypto, join me in Splinterlands – it’s a fast and furious, yet challenging NFT trading game in which monsters do battle on your behalf! You can earn by winning games (at Bronze II and higher levels), selling or renting out NFT cards, and staking SPS tokens. There are doubtless other ways to earn with Splinterlands too, but those are the three ways I’m earning with Splinterlands right now.