Crypto Accumulation Progress Report: February 2022

Here’s my report for my performance in accumulating various crypto tokens during February 2022. Apart from Bitcoin satoshi and FUN tokens, the tokens I am accumulating are Hive and various second tier Hive blockchain tokens.

Here’s a look at my updated accumulation chart

Crypto Asset1st January16th February28th February2022 TARGETS
LEN47 52541000
FreeBitcoin Satoshi1,520,2911,716,7881,725,0643,000,000

I’m pleased with my progress in accumlating the two newest tokens to my listings, Listnerds, and Splinterlands SPS.

Earning 32% Interest on Splinterlands SPS

I started accumulating and staking SPS for the 32.08% interest rate. That has also drawn me into playing the Splinterlands game and I have made a couple of “bragging” videos about the times when I, as a “freebie player” actually manage to win a game or two.

Here’s the video I made to celebrate my first ever Splinterlands victory in the middle of February:

And here’s one I made to celebrate winning three games in a row at the end of the month:

Earning And Staking Listnerds

As for Listnerds, I earn those tokens in three ways:

  • Staking Listnerd tokens inside the mailer
  • Posting solo ads on the Listnerds blockchain mailer
  • Sending Premium level mails once every three days, some of which were “verified” by the community, earning me Listnerd tokens.

Yes, with the new version of the Listnerds safelist mailer you can get paid for SENDING out emails, find out more about Listnerds in my vlog review:

With Listnerd tokens holding their value at $1.99 per token, I earned a total of $258.70 (141 – 11 that I held at the beginning of the month = 130 x 1.99 = 258.7) for sending out emails and staking tokens on a safelist!

For more about the Listnerds Blockchain Mailer see

Find out more about the Hive blockchain and how to get started here: Introduces Fun Token Rewards

Last month introduced a couple more ways to spend Reward Points. The one that attracted my attention was the option to earn up to 5 FUN tokens with every click of the hourly “Roll” button. It takes just 2,450 Reward Points to be able to earn 5 FUN tokens an hour, so I took advantage of that to boost my FUN tokens by over 700 during February.

And with that, I conclude my crypto accumulation report for another month.

David Hurley


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