My Hive Crypto Report, April 2024

For the last couple of months my progress towards my HIVE, Hive-Backed Dollar (HBD), and second-tier Hive token goals for this year has been slowing down, especially my progress towards my HBD goal. You can see there was a big boost to my HBD holdings a couple of months ago, and since then progress has slowed down. Even so, I’ve managed to move forward with all but one of my Hive-based crypto assets, but why the slowdown?

Waiting for the Bull… ₿🐂

The main reason is that I have not transferred any of my affiliate-marketing-generated Bitcoin for a while. That is because I am expecting the price of Bitcoin to rise significantly later in the year, so I’m letting my Bitcoin accumulate on and earn 4.69% per annum, paid daily (and compounding).

Actually, it seems as if I missed a trick when Bitcoin hit a new all-time-high of over $73,000 back in March. That would have been a nice time to have converted some Bitcoin into HBD I think.

Right now, Bitcoin has dropped to $57,000, which I don’t mind at all. Indeed, if it drops even lower in the next few days I will receive MORE Bitcoin in affiliate commissions than if it were higher, since the commissions are calculated in US dollars and then converted into Bitcoin… And then, just sit tight, earn the interest, and wait for the bull market that all the fundamentals suggest will kick in at some stage…

Until then, I will rely on content creation and the continuation of the 20% interest rate to keep building up my HBD.

Okay, here’s how things stand at the beginning of May 2024:

Crypto Asset1st January4th March1st April1st May2024 Target
HIVE Power3,4383,5273,5533,5817,000
Staked SPS6,4498,4018,6698,91415,000
Staked LEO1,5182,2692,2732,2753,500


One token that I am accumulating at a faster pace is SPS. While it’s cheap I’m prioritizing it when I convert swap.hive, then pairing small amounts with DEC and Voucher on Tribaldex, and staking the rest inside Splinterlands, where I’ve also been earning more SPS on the gaming side recently.

So there we have it. Keep chugging along and hope I can earn more on the affiliate marketing side of my business, then get paid in cheap Bitcoin, then see Bitcoin go to the moon and cash out into HBD and Swap.hive to smash my Hive-based crypto targets in 2024!


David Hurley

P. S. The best way to get onboard the Hive Blockchain is through Peakd:

Click the link and you will be offered several options. One is to buy a Spellbook and play Splinterlands…

Join me in Splinterlands: Earn Crypto Battling Monsters!

If you choose the Splinterlands option, drop me a line after you buy the Spellbook and I will send you 5 free NFT monster cards to get you started in the wonderful world of NFT monster battles on the Hive Blockchain – you will earn SPS and Glint tokens every time your monsters win!

Here’s a video I made of a random game I played the other day:

Check out Splinterlands here:

What is Hive? is a decentralized blockchain platform akin to social media where users create content such as blog posts, images, and videos. Content creators earn crypto when their content is upvoted. By upvoting popular content, users also earn rewards, which can be powered up into Hive Power (HP) for increased influence.

Communities and sub-communities foster engagement and discussion, each with its own rules and themes. Splinterlands – an NFT monster fighting game – is an example of one such community, where you can earn SPS (a second tier Hive Blockchain token) when you win battles. provides a decentralized and censorship-resistant environment for content creators and curators to earn rewards based on their contributions to the platform.