Top 5 Traffic Sources For The 100% Commission Funnel, April 2024

It’s the 5th of May today and it’s way beyond time for me to check my 100% Commission Funnel opt-in stats for April 2024.

In my video review of my funnel’s performance in April, I show you how I have started getting more accurate and informative opt-in data from Leadsleap.

Watch My 100% Commission Funnel April Results Video

Here are my top five sources of traffic for the funnel, across the board:

My #1 Source Of Subscribers: Traffic Zipper

Traffic Zipper is consistently my best performing source of traffic and subscribers. Traffic Zipper sends more people to my 100% Commission Funnel lead capture page than any other source of traffic, and more of those people complete the double-opt-in process to become list subscribers.

The reason why Traffic Zipper is so effective is because it automates the process of sending out safelist mails. There are currently 39 safelists that Traffic Zipper is linked to. I have turned on 32 of those safelists. I am upgraded in several of them, and a free member in the rest. The key is to keep your safelist credits topped up so that Traffic Zipper can send out your emails on autopilot and with maximum efficiency.

Find out more about Traffic Zipper in Module 8 of my Conversion Catalyst Safelist Marketing Secrets training series.

My #2 Source Of Subscribers: YouTube

Seriously, if you want more success as an affiliate marketers, but are putting off starting a YouTube Channel, you really are shooting yourself in the foot. YouTube is completely free to use.

Last month I added six verified subscribers to my 100% Commission Funnel through links posted beneath videos I posted on my YouTube channel – and that is just ONE of my funnels.

If you have a computer or a smartphone, and Internet access, you have EVERYTHING you need to start making videos and the only thing stopping you is your EXCUSES. (Tell me if you agree, or why I’m wrong in the comments below this blog post.)

My #3 Source Of Subscribers: Email?

Third place is a question mark! I think it is people who subscribed to my list through a direct link that I sent by private email, one to one. I had four active subscribers join in April, and no unverifieds, which is telling. When you’re dealing with people directly, if they join they’re much more likely to click the verification link and become active subscribers.

My #4 Source Of Subscribers: Leadsleap

Leadsleap is actually my second best source of traffic and subscribers across all my lists, but for my 100% Commission Funnel, Leadsleap came in fourth in April with three verified and four unverified subscribers.

Actually, Leadsleap is really my 3rd best performer for the 100% Commission Funnel in April because the “BRD” tracking link that I mention in the video tracks my Leadsleap list BROADCAST mails! When I made the video I couldn’t for the life of me remember what the tracking code “BRD” referred to! LOL!

So the total number of Leadsleap-sourced subscribers to the 100% Commission Funnel in April was:

  • 5 verified subscribers
  • 4 unverified subscribers

then we have website traffic rewards two people verified active new subscribers

My #5 Source Of Subscribers:

Yup, this blog sent two people to the lead capture page who opted in and became active subscribers. Thank you!

My Top 5 Traffic-Program Listings For April 2024

This blog post is about my top traffic sources across the board, including YouTube, my blog, personal emails. I keep a separate account of my top traffic-programs for each month on this page:

Whichever way you look at it, Traffic Zipper is the winner by a country mile.


David Hurley