Safelist Marketing 2: Features of a Typical Safelist

In this module, we will take a quick tour of a safe list called Guaranteed Solo Mails. We will explore how to send credit-based emails to reach a larger audience and increase our visibility. Join us as we navigate the features and rules of this safe list, and learn how to effectively send out emails to members.

“Features of a Typical Safelist” Training Video

How to Earn Credits

Upon logging in to Guaranteed Solo Mails I find that I have 250 credits in my account, and there a total of 603 members.

My first objective is to increase the number of credits to reach as many of those members as possible. To do that, I need to earn some more credits. Most safelists allow you to earn credits by sending their members’ emails directly to your email account. Inside each safelist email there is a credit link. When you click the credit link, you earn credits which you can use to send your own emails to the membership base. We will discuss that process in the next module.

Guaranteed Solo Mails gives members another option, which is to view members’ emails on the website itself. We earn 30 credits for each email we open. After viewing the ad for six seconds, the search credits are added to our account, and we can also see how many ads we have viewed.

So, after opening one email and viewing the ad for six seconds, my credit balance has increased from 250 to 280, allowing me to reach more members.

Sending a Credit Mail

Sending a credit mail on Guaranteed Solo Mails (and any other safelist) requires adhering to specific rules. Each safe list may have its own set of regulations, so it is essential to read and understand them. In this case, there are no links allowed within the body of the mail.

The mail consists of three parts:

  • the subject line,
  • the main body where you post your message,
  • the URL of the landing page. The URL activates a credit link when recipients click through.

With 280 credits at my disposal, I compose a subject line, “Earn Crypto in 2023,” and proceed to fill in the main message.

It is better to keep the emails concise and to the point, as the goal is not to sell anything at this stage of your marketing campaign, but to encourage recipients to click on the credit link. Avoid lengthy emails that force people to scroll down to the credit link. All you want is for the reader to click the link, so don’t make it difficult to do or they might simply click away.

Once the email is ready, make sure you have not included any links in the main body to comply with the rules of this particular safelist.

Sending the Email

After completing the email, we select the number of credits we want to spend. In this case, 250 credits will guarantee us 45 views. Clicking on “Post Ad” verifies the site and sets up our credit mail in the sending queue. The credits are deducted from our total, and the email is sent out to 250 members of Guaranteed Solo Mails. The email will continue circulating until 45 people have clicked through and viewed the landing page. That is one of the special features of this safelist: it “guarantees” that you your email message will be opened and viewed by 45 people, which explains the name of the safelist, “Guaranteed” Solo Mails.


Sending out credit-based emails to members of a credit-based safe list such as Guaranteed Solo Mails can be an effective way to increase visibility and engage with a targeted audience. By adhering to the specific rules of each safe list, composing concise and compelling emails, and utilizing credit links, marketers can drive traffic and potentially generate leads. In the next module, we will delve into the email delivery process and explore the benefits of utilizing safe lists.