Safelist Marketing 7: Leveraging Traffic with

In this module we will have a look at – a safelist that offers the potential for you to send out a million emails at no cost over the course of a year simply by mailing out your messages every day or every other day.

Million Leads For Free Walkthrough Video

After logging in, you’ll see the Home Page and the section where you can submit your ad campaign. All you need to do is go to Step Two.

Mailing Stats

If you’ve already posted an ad, you can check the post statistics of your previous mailing in the member’s area. They give you three pieces of information:

  • the number of Impressions
  • the number of click-throughs
  • the number of URLs in your email that were actually clicked by the readers

Read 10 or more ads a day to email 5000 free contacts

Step Two: Read 10 or more messages to receive 5000 free contacts. This is where you can earn the credits to send out to 5000 free contacts. You just need to read 10 ads.

All you have to do is click a link to open the ad. You don’t have to click any links in the ad copy for the ad to count as one of your views.

Why would you read more than ten ads if you only need to read ten to get the right to email 5,000 members?

Because, the more ads you click, the higher your ad is going to be pushed to the top of the list.

When you’ve clicked enough ads, head back to the Home Page to post your mail. Once you’ve sent out some ads, they are saved in your back office, which makes it very convenient to resend them.

Setting Up Your Email Ad

As I mention in the video, a lot of the ads you’ll click on are simply trying to sell you something. It’s not effective to just try to sell something straight off the bat. The key is to create a unique landing page with an opt-in offer. Then write a brief email explaining the benefit of opting in to it. I emphasize: keep the email brief. All you are aiming for is that the reader clicks the link. Don’t write a lengthy sales letter. Don’t make the reader scroll down to find the credit link. Here’s a screenshot of the short-and-sweet email I use to promote my free Beginners Crypto Course:

When you sent out an email it is saved by the system, which makes it very convenient when you want to post a new email ad. Simply locate your sent email, and send it again.

Upgrade Options

There are of course several upgrade options to improve your your advertising power, but I simply use millionleads4free as a quick and easy free resource for traffic. If you’re on a tight budget this is a good site for you to use to get your message out.


David Hurley