Safelist Marketing 8: Automate Your Safelist Marketing With TrafficZipper

In this video I review one of the best tools in my marketing arsenal – Traffic Zipper. It automates the process of safelist marketing. I joined the site in early February or late January 2023, and since then, it has massively boosted my daily opt-in rate, magnifying the rate of growth of my lists.

The best part is that Traffic Zipper works completely on autopilot, so you can have a system that works for your even when you’re away from your computer getting on with the rest of your life.

Introducing Traffic Zipper

Opt-In Rates Skyrocket With Traffic Zipper in 2023

In the video I give you a sneak peek into my Gmail inbox, filtered for Sendsteed list subscriber notification messages. In the video you can see that in 2022 I was getting pretty good results from my safe list marketing, slowly but steadily growing my mailing lists.

Then, after I subscribed to Traffic Zipper and set everything up, the opt-in rate suddenly took off. Of course, results fluctuate from day to day depending on which safelists the system mails to, and which email it sends out. But it is not unusual to get a couple of dozen subscribers in a day, which is almost ten times the amount I was getting before.

(NOTE: Not all my list subscribers come from the safelists that are built into Traffic Zipper. I get a lot of subscribers from Leadsleap and some from other sources too. That said, Traffic Zipper has massively boosted my daily productivity and opt-in rates.)

Boost The Impact Of Your Auto-Mailings

You can boost the reach of your Traffic Zipper mailings by manually clicking for credits on those safelists that you have set up inside your back office. (I created a separate folder for all the Traffic Zipper mails, so it’s very easy for me to access them quickly and earn a lot of credits as efficiently as possible.) Even so, as long as you have upgraded your account with some of the safelists inside Traffic Zipper, you will have a fully automated list building system in place, which is a massive plus for busy marketers.

I really appreciate that because, as a college teacher in the “offline” world, I get pretty busy during term time. Having a site like Traffic Zipper working for me 24/7 in the background while I’m doing my stuff is a boon.

How To Use Traffic Zipper

To use Traffic Zipper, you define your list builders, check them off, and set up your list builder details. You also compose your emails, and then you can switch the autopilot function on.

You can add as many emails as you like, and Traffic Zipper will automatically rotate them to whichever safelist is available for a mailing.

I wrote a detailed explanation of how to set up your Traffic Zipper acccount, complete with screenshots on this page of my Top5Programs blog:

In conclusion, Traffic Zipper is a clean and efficient site that does just what it promises to do. I highly recommend that you checking out Traffic Zipper if you want to find a way to automate and magnify your results 100% on autopilot with safe list marketing.


David Hurley