Spring Actifit Deadhang Challenge 1 – Can I Manage 10 Seconds??

A few months ago I watched a Youtube video about the benefits of “deadhanging” and thought I’d like to try it.

I’m thin with spindly arms, and as far as I am aware I can’t even manage a single pull-up.

I can do about 15 or 16 pressups, but deadhanging and pull ups? I doubt it!

The other day the weather was fine and I had some free time so I went in search of a place in a park where I could try deadhanging. I found a “skyladder” and so here is my very first attempt at deadhanging, LOL:

Spring 2023 Deadhanging Targets

  1. Deadhang for 1 minute.
  2. Do 6 chin-ups
  3. Do 4 pull-ups

I’m aiming to hit those targets before spring term begins in April.

Wish me luck – and subscribe to my YouTube channel to track my progress.

David Hurley

P. S. Check out my Feb 25 2023 Deadhang Challenge 2 post!

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